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Sacred - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v. PL - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Sacred z gatunku Gry RPG, wersja v. PL, data publikacji 1 grudnia 2004.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku12,6 MB

data aktualizacji1 grudnia 2004


pobrań (7 dni)2

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wersja: v. PL

Najnowsza łatka przeznaczona do polskiej edycji gry Sacred. Poniżej pełna lista zmian (w języku angielskim):

Gameplay and Single player

- Fixed: Chance of getting a set-item too low

- Fixed: Weak items as Quest award

- Fixed: Problems with the strength of quest givers

- Fixed: In higher difficulty levels, hidden items too strong

- Fixed: Quests with lvl 1 bosses

- Fixed: Disarming bonus too strong

- Fixed: Life leech not working properly on last hit

- Fixed: Some rewards and chest items too weak

- Fixed: Unique items were not created as normal items (like Swords etc.)

- Fixed: Tooltip displaying bonus damage did not work correctly

- Fixed: Health potion exploit could cause instabilities

- Fixed: Survival Bonus reset near Mystdale Castle

- Fixed: Pain only caused damage up to the current life energy

- Fixed: Xrysals Dagger (Set Item) now only for Wood Elf

- Fixed: Improved calculations for 2 quest items (now better rare items)

- Fixed: Imbalance caused by certain set items

- Fixed: A problem which could cause crashes when overwriting a savegame

- Fixed: Missing doors and triggers when using 1.6 or 1.7 savegames in 1.8

- Fixed: Instant death by Ice Elf moves in higher levels

- Fixed: Set-Items increased stats too high when being smithed

- Fixed: Instant death by Skeleton Mages through their life leech

- Fixed: Foes killed by Pets would either drop no items or not enough

- Fixed: Wolves with torches

- Fixed: Forest God quest: Priest would also drop a rune when quest was not accepted

- Fixed: When riding a horse the char would suddenly ride backwards after teleporting

- Fixed: Ice Elf quest: The guard of the priestess now generated only once

- Fixed: Dream netting of the gods set had last bonus missing

- Fixed: Combo-Exploit of the Wood Elf

- Fixed: 255 to 0 skill reset

- Fixed: Quest NPCs not teleporting away correctly

- Changed: Minimal drop stats for Dragons and Daemon

- Changed: The amount of numbers displayed onscreen (Damage, Exp etc.)

- Changed: Earthquake effect now only displayed when Graphic settings set to high (for Meteor, Jump moves etc.)

- Changed: Fog of War now reveals mini-map when also using special skills.

- Changed: Mini-Map now reveals when starting on the island or teleporting

- Changed: Arena battle near Gloomoor now limited to 10 fights

- Changed: Vampire, Awakening. Raised creatures now dependent on the spell and char level.

- Changed: Trade skill now more noticeably improves the offers from a trader

Multiplayer and ClosedNET

- Fixed: Quest portals visible for all now

- Fixed: LAN Coop: Daemon Horn now visible for all

- Fixed: LAN Coop: Final battle souls now visible for all and usable for all

- Fixed: Sporadic freeze when shutting game down

- Fixed: char files becoming too big

- Fixed: Possible error when logging out of game/saving

- Fixed: Changing bonus stats when reloading a saved character

- Fixed: Gameserver crash caused by too many simultaneous logins

- Fixed: CLOSED NET: Cheat protection could change item stats

- Fixed: Problems when Hirelings lose their host or when a host leaves the game

- Fixed: Some spells were not visible for all players

- Fixed: After a kick, sometimes a new game or single player was not possible without a restart

- Fixed: Teleport effect sometimes displayed incorrectly

- Fixed: Crash when entering the tower on the start island

- Fixed: Crash caused when loading a character already running at the time the game was saved

- Fixed: Crash in the lobby caused by \cfff...

- Fixed: Colours now displayed correctly in the lobby

- Fixed: Skulls had their stats changed through Cheat protection when logging off

- Fixed: Gameserver no longer permits the login of a broken char (patch should now repair the char, if you continue to have problems contact

- Fixed: Crash caused when clicking on a Horse that according to the Gameserver no longer is present.

- Fixed: Picking up a certain item could cause the char to teleport elsewhere

- Fixed: Fixed a random teleport of the char when opening the export screen in-game

- Fixed: Crash caused by chars with // in their name

- Fixed: /w command now only requires account name

- Fixed: Hardcore Flag now works correctly in LAN and Open NET

- Fixed: Common problems causing lags and crashes

- Fixed: Forest God Quest: Portal remains open, other party members can enter it

- Fixed: EXP exploit new Gloomoor Arena in Niobium

- Fixed: Only Dragon fire visible on the client can now cause damage

- Fixed: Continuous Earthquake and Lightning effects

- Fixed: EXP gain sometimes not correct when pets kill a foe

- Fixed: To decrease possible lag, certain effects have now been disabled in MP and are now only visible at the highest graphical setting

- Changed: Client performance improved

- Changed: After death in Hardcore, the dead char can no longer drop gold. When the dead char has under 1000 gold, all gold is dropped.

- Changed: Cheated items now replaced by Gamebox and dropped on the ground (Players caught cheating 3 times will receive a temp ban, second time offenders will receive a perm ban)

- Changed: \s whispering now only works ingame, no longer in the lobby

- Changed: Various improvements to how the map is discovered during gameplay

- Changed: Optimized CPU usage for Client and Server

- Changed: Optimized messages for distributed EXP

- Changed: Gameserver optimized against using too much memory causing lag peaks

- Changed: Closed Net: “Cheater Detected” appears as chat message, not as pop-up message

- Changed: Gameserver logs now possible by adding log to the end of Gameserver.exe

- Changed: Memory usage for Gameserver and Client optimized


- Fixed: Vamp Bloodkiss missing animation

- Changed: Dark Elf Reflection spells now work on party members

- Changed: Mage: Stormspell damage now calculated independently of paralysis effect

Item Loss

- Changed: Characters that equip themselves with faulty items will now be kicked from the server

- Changed: General overhaul in Multiplayer to minimize Item loss


- Fixed: Logbook errors for Forest God and Ice Elf quests

- Fixed: Stormspell no longer pushes back "large" foes

- Fixed: Vamp in Vampform did not identify certain weapons when slots where changed

- Fixed: Possible crash caused when certain characters die through quest script procedures

- Fixed: Statistic error showing last Foe

- Fixed: No EXP from larger creatures in higher difficult levels

- Fixed: Possible crash when loading startscreen

- Fixed: Error caused by Seraphim Energy bolts

- Fixed: Missing triggers when opening doors

- Fixed: JPG screenshots now created when playing fullscreen

- Fixed: Vidobj file no longer created when creating a screenshot

- Fixed: MP problem when saving a seraphim with an active BeeEffGee

- Fixed: Several errors caused when loading a savegame

- Fixed: AI problems when NPCs change state

- Fixed: Import of SP chars now causes a reset of previously owned quest items

- Fixed: Rare crash caused when fighting in a Castle

- Fixed: Inconsistency in Shareefas Dialog selection

- Fixed: Trigger on the Seraphim Cloister could be circumvented

- Fixed: Possible freeze near Giant Spiders

- Fixed: QuestNPC could disappear under certain conditions

- Fixed: Health not being correct since certain bonus stats not saved correctly in the savegame

- Changed: Daemon now appears after the first attack on the Horn

- Changed: Internal calculations for the "Heart of Ancaria"

- Changed: New log file created for EXP exchange

- Changed: FPS display size decreased

- Changed: Max EXP now around 2 Billion EXP, Max level still 206

- Changed: Quality of Rings and Amulets should now be improved

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