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FIFA Manager 12 - aktualizacja do gry wersja - Update #3 - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry FIFA Manager 12 z gatunku Gry Sportowe, wersja Update #3, data publikacji 20 grudnia 2011.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku309,3 MB


pobrań (7 dni)3

data aktualizacji20 grudnia 2011

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FIFA Manager 12 patch Update #3 - Darmowe Pobieranie |

wersja: Update #3

Patch do gry FIFA Manager 12. Poniżej oryginalny, anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:


About 80 new text elements in the Live Ticker were added (mainly about the supporters)

Full database update

Bug fixes and small improvements:

In total about 125 bigger and mostly smaller improvements were integrated. These are the most important ones:

Extreme season objectives after a promotion were corrected

Promotion for CaC youth teams is now realistic (this was too hard in previous versions)

Youth camps don’t generate players with high talent and low potential anymore

3D Match: Tactics are no longer available during a penalty shoot-out

3D Match: Radar doesn’t vanish after a slow motion

Stadium generation for CaC clubs now works (no extremely small/big stadiums anymore)

“Counter-attacking” setting is now saved for user generated formations

Streaks: On the weekly progress screen teams do not move in the table by an unrealistic number of table positions

National team abbreviations in the Live Ticker were removed

AI for youth camp extensions was fixed (computer clubs)

AI for the staff costs of the national teams was fixed

Manager points are now updated on all screens simultaneously

Income for going public (first 20%) is now calculated correctly

The pre-match speech about a player scoring twice is now working, penalty shoot-outs are now taken into account correctly for all speeches

It now possible to delete the reminders on the notepad

The rating bar on the Scout Reports screen is now working properly

Negative merchandise mail is no longer showing up if players of the own club are the best ones in the league

It is now possible to fulfill the promise “Extend Training Ground”

The movement of players to the Reserves by the AI was further improved

Several problems with the display of the team level were resolved

  • data aktualizacji: 20 grudnia 2011
  • kategoria gry: Sportowe
  • rozmiar pliku: 309,3 MB