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Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.6.7.63 - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.6.7.63, data publikacji 17 maja 2010.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku76,7 MB

data aktualizacji17 maja 2010


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wersja: v.6.7.63

Poprawka systemowa przeznaczona do gry Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis (zarówno do edycji standardowej jak i GOLD). Poniżej oryginalny opis aktualizacji:

Note: This is an optional update as it includes several major game balance changes.

Significant Changes:

- Added 'LOAD UNIT' command, transport will load any units in its zoc

- Air units in overstacked airstrip will look for alternate airstrips

- Non-Tradable Techs are now enforced (ie units with non-tradable prereqs)

- Added 'Diplomatic Alignment' effects when treaties signed/cancelled

- Add ability to turn Third Party Diplomatic Alignment effects on/off

- Surrounded cities are now blockaded and lose their supply level

- Equipment List: Infantry Units re-balanced (less engineer-rush etc)

- Equipment List: Garrison movement rate set to 0

- Adjusted AI Response code; New AI capabilities and responses added

- Added “Move at Common Speed” order modifier (hotkey “Ctrl” when issuing orders)

Other Changes/Fixes:

- When a center upgrade destroyed, all nodes are now also destroyed

- When base in enemy ZOC it goes "lockdown", no auto unit landing/reserve

- Upon Surrender units remain in Reserve (Garrisons too); constr queue kept

- Units should now land properly at a just-surrendered airfield

- 'OnePerHex' now enforced for airport/seapier/barracks

- Fixed Save-game file size issue (files now much smaller)

- Optimized memory use of save-file compressor

- Improved performance of Pathfinding code by 35%, reduced memory usage

- Improved map performance by moving unit texture loads to background thread

- Changed order-id sequence code to resolve possible multiplayer/mt sync prob

- Fixed bug where scrapping river city node also scraps roads in hex

- Idle (circling) air units now respond to Unit Requests & Hotspots

- Fixed (hopefully) final issues with pathing lines not showing for off-map dest

- Extra Garrisons on a fully-garrisoned hex are now disbanded

- Air units will better disburse to available carriers

- Resolved MP lobby sync issue when switching between saved and scenario lists

- Diplo trades use removehex/newlocation properly; mp sync & 'ghost dmg' bugs

- Fixed in-flight missiles not getting saved properly

- Units that are marked as Favorites will show even if obsolete or replaced

- Fixes to LOADUP order to not leave some potential units unloaded

- Corrected a targetting/visibility bug where long range fire opps were missed

- Corrected a case where unit opportunity fire set not used in missile firing

- Indirect damage of multiple units in hex no longer drops below 50% in stacks

- Full Equipment name is now shown for units

- Removed 'Missile Storage Limit Exceeded' maintenance cost penalty

- Add Language Selector to Game Options (requires restart)

- AI Regions will accept treaties and alliances less easily

- Fixed issue with 'bordering' not always properly set


- Equipment list changes (such as Garrisons not moving, and the re-adjusted unit strengths/build times, and other fixes) only apply to new games (new Campaigns and most new Scenarios). They will NOT be reflected in any saved games you load. They are also not reflected in "set piece" scenarios such as German Advance and Kashmir.

- The new "Third Party Relations" diplomacy feature is by default "ON" for new games, but "OFF" for saved games. For New games the setting is in the Scenario settings pages, and for all games it can be changed on the CTRL-SHIFT-S Game-Settings popup.

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