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The Guild 2: Piraci Starego Świata - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.2.20 ENG - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry The Guild 2: Piraci Starego Świata z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.2.20 ENG, data publikacji 10 maja 2010.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku54,2 MB


pobrań (7 dni)6

data aktualizacji10 maja 2010

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wersja: v.2.20 ENG

Patch do gry The Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas. Działa też z podstawową wersją gry. Poniżej oryginalny angielskojęzyczny opis:



- Fixed numerous bugs that were causing the game to crash

- Added some minor tweaks that slightly improve game performance

- Fixed some bugs that were preventing the game to save

- Fixed a bug that was causing carts and ships to get stuck

- Fixed a bug which sometimes made cart operators invisible

- Ships now have visible captains

- Fixed some bugs that were occuring during medical treatments in hospitals

- Fixed a torture chamber bug which sometimes prevented the prisoner

from being released after their punishment

- Fixed numerous map-bugs

New Features:


Forced marriage

- You can now force an unmarried candidate into marriage

- This skips the courting process so currency will be needed to persuade

the bride's/groom's family into accepting your proposal

Title Acquisition:

- It is now possible to acquire a new title without being at the townhall

Arrange An Embargo:

- An Alderman can now arrange an embargo against a market. This isn't

restricted to his home town but it will cost him some fame.

Scrollable minimap

- You can scroll the 2D-map with your mouse wheel

Changed bribe system

- Now the bribe-money depends on the money of the person that is bribed

New map:


- Vienna

This patch is compatible with all versions of “The Guild 2”, including “The Guild 2 Gold Edition”; “The Guild 2 Universe Edition”, “The Guild 2 Royal Edition” and the “Pirates of the European Seas” expansion.

  • data aktualizacji: 10 maja 2010
  • kategoria gry: Strategiczne
  • rozmiar pliku: 54,2 MB

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