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Rise of Prussia - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.1.04 EU - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Rise of Prussia z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.1.04 EU, data publikacji 31 października 2012.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

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data aktualizacji31 października 2012

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Wersja: v.1.04 EU

Patch do gry Rise of Prussia. Poniżej anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:

Game Engine [updated to version 121011]

? You can now disembark troops from a fleet trapped in ice.

? Cavalry alone can no longer assault Forts

? Siege improvements [supplementing rules added in version 1.02]

? Besieged forces will now take attrition hits every turn, in proportion of their number and how the siege roll went (anti over-crowding rule).

? If too many breaches accumulated, then a surrender roll is always possible (whatever the presence of a depot, super elite troops, etc.)

? Each breach will make the besieged consume an extra 5% of his normal supply usage. The purpose of this rule is that by upping the supply

usage, you'll have more chances to have your supply depleted enough so that the depot (or supply wagon) can't provide its 'surrender

protection' to the besieged force. For the rationale, just consider that the breaches are also making depots and stocks explode or be wasted, as

you get shelled pretty heavily, etc...

? Fixed a bug where a lone sneaky leader could prevent a siege to happen, even if siege indicator was correctly shown

? Fixed bug of a leader removed from his parent unit, corrupting the unit he is in.

? A retreating army can now split static units (abandon them) to escape better

? Corrected display of Costs to Construct in the Element Detail window [thank you AJE team!]

? Fixed a display issue with the animated battle gauge where a leader portrait could appear erroneously.

? Leaders killed in battles while embedded in an unit (corps commander e.g) won’t cause recombination problems anymore.

? If an attack is called off without routing (aka AutoRetreat), the attacking forces will revert to defensive posture but won’t retreat in another region.

? A too low cohesion can make a stack call off an assault, aggressive leaders will have a tendency to force the troops though.

? If you have suffered from the loyalty bug, you can bring the console and type ‘CleanupLoyalty’. On next turn processing, odd loyalties will start to be

removed. This will use the same logic as in the line before, only 100 times faster.

? Added Overcrowding rule:

? The overcrowding rule exists to penalize (rather substantially) forces that are too numerous to defend adequately in-cityscape structures

(mostly cities and forts). As with other rules, the engine is not prohibiting in 'a hard way' troops to be stationed en masse in a given structure,

as it would pose very large problems to handle for the interface, then the AI. Instead, it follows the philosophy of 'you can do it, but that's not


? See Wiki article at:

? Exported additional Game Setting parameters

? Screener, Disrupter and Rout Damage limits [in GameLogic.opt]

? Enabled Main Menu option: Dynamic Borders to view the boundary between controlled areas. [may affect map scrolling speed]

? Enabled Main Menu option: switch to 120DPI fonts [for higher resolution displays]

? Fixed the exploit where a newly built unit could be incorporated into a Division, whereby the cost to build was immediately refunded

? Fixed a bug whereby a unit under siege could always escape from the region using a specific sequence of Movement orders, Passive posture, and

Evasive Move Special Order settings

• Events

? Sanitation Event will no longer select a Fixed group

? Added Palatinate Elite replacements: 1 chit twice per year starting late in 1756

? 1756 Campaign:

? Saxon Capitulation “Trigger event” will occur with 75% probability once stated requirements are met [was 100%].

? 1756 and 1757 Campaigns:

? AUS gets a free Depot at Wierzbolow when Russians land at Memel

? 1762 Campaign:

? Removed events causing duplicated leaders

• Database

? Corrected Seaman ability to give bonus in water regions and transition links

? “Northerner” ability now defined as Swedish territory [was Northern Germany]

? Bergen, Wolgast, Greifswald, Grimmen, Stralsund, Wismar, Karlskrona, Sweden, Christianstadt, Simmersharen, Malmoe, Lund, Helsinborg

? All Swedish forces now have “Northerner” malus [penalty to parameters when outside the “Northerner” area]

? Changed AUS and SAX Insurrecto Infantry model to be Militia [not Line]. Also fixed the Unit symbols for all Insurrecto Infantry units to indicate

“Home” areas.

? Many new Models and Units are included to facilitate future expansions.

? Unit and Model colors for Prussian Saxons and Russians changed to facilitate organization of these troops.

• Text

? Latest version of LocalStrings__AGE.csv

? Text strings for Merchandises localized

• AI

? Corrected a minor bug in Winter Quarters aggression events

? Added AI Winter Quarters activation parameter

  • data aktualizacji: 31 października 2012
  • kategoria gry: Strategiczne
  • rozmiar pliku: 53 MB

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