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nazwa pliku:Symulator Farmy 2013 patch v. - v.

rozmiar pliku:58,7 MB

data publikacji:7 grudnia 2012

kategoria pliku:patch

Symulator Farmy 2013
patch v. - v.

Wersja: v. - v.

Patch do gry Agrar Simulator 2013. Poniżej anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:

- Descriptions and prices fixed

- Helper improved

- Glass reflections fixed

- Hotspot helping system added (Tuscany)

- Improved Tutorials

- Some trailers can be now used to walk on

- Extensions can be washed in Paintshop

- Added particle effects for loading and unloading

- Fixed bale fork

- US-Map bridge colision repaired

- Bags into Silos-Bug fixed

- Removed colision for all helpers

- Red reflections can be removed by pressing F3

- Repaired large plow

- Added historical gravity wagon to standard edition

- Weight and mower can be connected at the front

- Animals are not dying anymore on the pastures

- JD and Lanz are now fully usable

- Added Quicksave and Autosave (Tutorial will follow)

- Silovalues changed (content)

- Working on foreign land now costs money

- Added icons for cows

- Many prices changed

- Colors are now saved

- Improved achievement system

- Driver for helper vehicles added

- Machines do not fall through ground anymore

- and a lot more...

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gra Symulator Farmy 2013

Symulator Farmy 2013

Agrar Simulator 2013


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