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Forum: TeamSpeak 3 Server - - Public - Free Channels

23.10.2020 20:28

TeamSpeak 3 Server - - Public - Free Channels

Officially, the server was established on January 23, 2017, but was available under a different domain, initially it was mainly used to communicate with the clan and friends, but over time I noted a significant increase in people, at that moment I decided to make it public.
From the very beginning, we've been trying to provide you with a place to talk, unlike any other. Our priority was to create an atmospheric, stable, spam-free voice server that will be appreciated mainly by players looking for peace and stability. We believe that this is the case.
We strive to constantly develop and expand our server horizons to strengthen security, improve the site, update and improve our automation bot.

On the server you can find our proprietary automation bot, which contains only the necessary functions, we care about good contact of the Administration with Users.
We are open to all kinds of cooperation with various advertisers.
Recruitment to our administrative ranks will never happen, because we only want trusted and familiar people in the team.
The server is divided into three sections: Public, Veterans and Private, we do not play with unnecessary channels and zones.
The server has its own and original graphic design, created by our graphic designer Kris.

- Domain:
- IP (Numeric):
- Slots: 32
- Facebook: [link]
- Website: soon

Forum: TeamSpeak 3 Server - - Public - Free Channels