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nazwa pliku:Fahrenheit patch v.1.1 US

rozmiar pliku:9 MB

data publikacji:7 grudnia 2005

kategoria pliku:patch

patch v.1.1 US

wersja: v.1.1 US

Poprawka przeznaczona do amerykańskiej edycji gry Fahrenheit (aka. Indigo Prophecy). Poniżej zamieszczono oryginalny opis pliku:

You are about to install the Indigo Prophecy patch.

It will upgrade your version to 1.1. Your previous save games will remain usable once the patch is installed.

Here is a list of the issues fixed by this patch

- In the level "Waking up", if Lucas dies the policeman doesn't show up at the door anymore.

- The random freeze on the loading screen in the level "Police Work" doesn't occur anymore.

- The freeze issue in the level "cemetery" when Lucas runs out of hangar after time run out is solved.

- The freeze issue in the level "Carla's appartment" when the user switches from Carla to Tyler is fixed.

- Fix a problem of activation of Tommy entrance cinematics

- The crash during the level "basketball" on some specific configurations is fixed.

- Fix a flying guitar bug!

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