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Assassin's Creed III - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.1.01 - v.1.02 - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Assassin's Creed III z gatunku Gry Akcji, wersja v.1.01 - v.1.02, data publikacji 23 stycznia 2013.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku79,6 MB

data aktualizacji23 stycznia 2013


pobrań (7 dni)132

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Assassin's Creed III patch v.1.01 - v.1.02 - Darmowe Pobieranie |

Wersja: v.1.01 - v.1.02

Patch przyrostowy do gry Assassin's Creed III podnoszący wersję z v.1.01 do v.1.02

Poniżej angielskojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:

Single Player

Global Fixes

- Couriers will now appear more often in Boston and New York

- Fixed a bug where consumables would not be restored properly after playing a naval mission

- Fixed a bug where multiple copies of heralds or paper boys could be spawned at the same spot

- Fixed a bug where printer shops icons could appear on the map even if the player is not notorious

- Fixed a bug where the 2nd equipped pistol could disappear after a loading

- Fixed a bug where the player could fall through the map if he went through a city gate on horseback while in conflict

- Fixed a crash when the player uses the rope dart on a horse from above

- Fixed horse glitch

- Fixed inventory messages that kept being displayed after every reload if the player had completed some missions

- Fixed various crashes

- Forced subtitles to be displayed for off-camera voices like some tutorials and end of sequence transitions

- Made sure to stop tavern music when exiting taverns


- A DEADLY PERFORMANCE: fixed a music glitch by making a cinematic not skippable


- FEATHERS AND TREES : fixed another case where optional objective "Do not touch the ground or water" could fail for no good reason


- ON JOHNSON'S TRA IL: fixed a bug where sometimes Adams and Revere could be missing, preventing the player from starting the mission


- LEXINGTON AND CONCORD: fixed a bug where the player could stay stuck on the road while on horseback at a specific spot on the mission's path


- Fixed Animus Synching gameplay that could get stuck

Side Quests

- Boston Brawlers: clearer message after beating all ex-champions, stating that you need to go back to Boston

- Boston Underground: fixed a bug where exploded barrels could come back if you re-entered through the South Commons entrance.

- Boston Underground: fixed a bug where Haytham could never use the North Port entrance

- Liberation Missions: added unfogging of the map when the player gets near a liberation event, to make sure the icon will be revealed in case the player doesn't complete it and wants to come back later.

- New York Liberation Missions: fixed a few cases where the player could get to the event's icon but nothing would happen.

- New York Underground, fixed a bug where the player would be teleported at the center of New York if he declined to enter the underground through the South Market entrance.


- Added map icons on Homestead buildings as you unlock new settlers

- Made sure Achilles cannot be stoking the fireplace after the homestead story arc is completed

- THE PROPER TOOLS: added map icons on all shops in New York when that mission asks the player to go buy the hammer parts for the blacksmith

- Side-quest "ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COMMON MAN", fixed a bug where the quest would still not be completed if the problem was already encountered prior to the last patch. Buggy savegames are now fixed on load.

Naval Locations

- OAK ISLAND: fixed a bug where the mission could not continue if the player reloads after completing some parts of the puzzle


- Added auto-whistle for a horse when entering Frontier from Boston, New York or Homestead

- Fixed NPC committing suicide when the player approaches


- Fixed a bug where it was impossible to hide the on-screen money counter and "hold to skip" message. Money is now linked to the "mini-map" HUD visibility option, and the skip cinematic message to the "controls" option.

- Fixed a bug where the "Fast Travel Points Unlocked" stat could not reach 100%

- Fixed a possible crash after all pivots have been synched

- Fixed bad date formatting in Notification Center

- Fixed various typos and bad translations

- Made sure Boston Brawlers and Hunting Society icons are displayed over the fog once the player gets approached to join the club

- Map icon filters: added a bunch of side-quest start icons on the missions layer, added viewpoints to the collectibles layer, and made sure all fast travel destinations are visible on all layers.

- Opening the weapon, naval weapon and assassin recruits menus is now faster



- Team modes balance is no longer affected when extra players join in progress.


- Players are no longer stuck after they got hit by knives while climbing cranes.

- The Unstoppable Perk now correctly opens recently closed Chase Breakers in the Animus Core map.

- Closure now seals and opens Chase Breakers for the player who used the ability as intended.


- Abstergo points now update correctly after you finished a game in the progression menu.


- Locked targets don’t become unavailable under certain conditions anymore.

- Players will now see the notorious lock indicator when their pursuers kill NPCs, regardless of their approach meter.

- In a chase, target players will now be able to lock their pursuer by default prior to any other character.


- It is now possible for players to reopen Chase Breakers right after their team mates went through them in the Animus Core map.

- The time during which you’re vulnerable after a stun from ground to a haystack doesn’t vary from one mode to another anymore.

- Players can no longer get killed by another player from any distance after performing a haystack kill.

- Players no longer get stuck in the position the character adopts on narrow ledges when they kill with the Fast Gun.

- Players will no longer see their pursuers as notorious when their pursuers are killed with the silent bonus or better.

- Characters appearance and Gamertags can no longer be accidentally reverted on Wolfpack podium staging.

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