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Fallout 2 - Restoration Project v.1.7 - Mod do gry - Download

Plik Restoration Project v.1.7 to modyfikacja do gry Fallout 2 z gatunku Gry RPG. Pobierz za darmo.

typ plikuModyfikacja do gry

rozmiar pliku678,1 MB


pobrań (7 dni)30

data aktualizacji3 listopada 2020

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Fallout 2 mod Restoration Project v.1.7 - Darmowe Pobieranie |

Nieoficjalne rozszerzenie do drugiej części gry Fallout przygotowane przez jednego z jej fanów. Oferuje dziewięć niedostępnych wcześniej lokacji, a także wzbogaca istniejące miasteczka i wioski o nowe tereny do eksploracji. Modyfikacja dodaje także bohaterów niezależnych, zadania, zdarzenia losowe oraz wiele innych, interesujących rzeczy.

Uwaga: Ponieważ jest to amatorsko przygotowany projekt, nie posiada on żadnego oficjalnego wsparcia technicznego.

2.3.3 Change Log:

New Content:

Restored bell sounds before each round when boxing in New Reno. This was prevented before by a vanilla bug.

Cult of Personality now also applies to town reputations and not just global reputations. This was accidently omitted when I restored the Cult of Personality perk to the game. 23 scripts were modified for this latest change, mostly in Klamath and Vault City. In total, only 58 out of over 1,000 scripts make use of this perk, which just goes to show that the reaction system was never truly fleshed out in this game. But hey, at least the perk isn't useless anymore.

Bug Fixes:



Entering the Abbey after solving the grave digger questline will no longer cause Tom to move to his initial offscreen starting position only to proceed back to the Peterson's house.



Fixed regression where using an item from your inventory (right-click with inventory open) while carrying Anna's diary would result in a message about the diary being displayed, even if you weren't looking at the diary.

Fixed issue for the situation where Lara could disappear after the attack at Tyler's party.

It is now possible to double cross Lara and then double crosses Tyler, thus ending with helping Lara. Before a situation like this would result in a broken gang war quest.

Fixed a few more misc issues with the Den gang war.

Removed knife near the West end entrance that was not stacking with other knives.

Fixed instance where the squatters getting killed after establishing the orphanage and then talking to Mom could result in the quest getting completed twice.

Fixed issue where squatters were being created and added to the map multiple times.



If you don't kill the plants on the surface before talking with the Director of Ground Maintenance and taking the quest, he'll keep asking whether you completed the task despite having done so and receiving the reward from him.

The Brave Little toaster would still complain about not feeling well even after fixing him. This has been corrected.

Zoo creatures no longer use tribal combat taunts.

Improved fail message when attempting to repair the data storage and maintenance computer with an insufficient repair skill.

Military Base:


Reverted change which prevented Melchior from spawning molerats.



Fixed instance where instigating Elise would not result in combat when it should.

Fixed issue where Slavers would not follow you past the first attack on the Rangers' safe houses.

Sierra Army Depot:


Cat Jules, Kitsune, and Dex were not being counted in the situation where Skynet flips out and kills your entire party.



High resolution patch updated to V4.1.8.

Sfall updated to v3.3.

Fixed instances in some NPcs (Sulik, Cassidy, Marcus, Dogmeat) where when you recruit them there is a "phantom" dialogue window that pops up and then immediately closes.

Fixed issue with Dogmeat where giving him gecko-on-a-stick would always bring up his initial dialogue for joining, even if he was already in your party.

Killing some traders was not affecting the Chosen One's karma.

Nomad shaman no longer combine broc and xander for free.

Changed the name of two unused animations in critters.lst to the proper syntax so that the Mapper correctly displays all available critters. Useful for modders.

Misc Russian translation fixes.

Fixes to typos and other minor text fixes.

Fixes to other issues that never got properly documented since the last release.

  • data aktualizacji: 3 listopada 2020
  • kategoria gry: RPG
  • rozmiar pliku: 678,1 MB

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