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Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Darkest Hour z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.1.03, data publikacji 30 kwietnia 2013.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

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data aktualizacji30 kwietnia 2013

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Wersja: v. 1.03

Patch do gry Darkest Hour.

Poniżej anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:

Engine changes:

Fixed bugs

1. Fixed a bug with brigades not upgrading when division is set to upgrade to a not yet available unit type or model.

2. Fixed a bug with Detach brigade button availability on divisions with no brigades attached.

3. Fixed an issue on conquering of a province with Rocket site(s) or Nuclear reactor(s) where those are added to the building queue of the conqueror.

4. Fixed an issue with country AI files loaded twice on country creation.

5. Fixed a cosmetic issue in production screen with incorrect land unit speed limits for brigades when more then one brigade is attached.

6. Fixed a bug in production screen where right-click menu for trades remained active under “Convoys…” and “Automate…” panels.

7. Fixed a cosmetic issue where Convoys button in production screen remains enabled under “Automate…” panel.

8. Fixed bugs in production screen where production and oil conversion buttons remained active under “Convoys…” and “Automate…” panels.

9. Fixed a bug with friendly nation logic where 2 countries at war with each other and against a 3rd country are counted as friendly.

10. Fixed an issue where players controlling non-democratic countries are not allowed to declare war with "Democracies can start war" global game setting enabled. This setting applies to all countries now.

11. Extended "Democracies can start war" global game setting usage to ignore both belligerence and relationship requirements (not just the belligerence one).

12. Fixed an issue with leaders list (unable to change leaders to any unit) when a leader sent with unit to another country is available for selection.

13. Fixed a bug with ORG loss (50%) of land units applied on troops unloads only from fleets on Sea Transport mission. This ORG hit to unloaded troops is now applied to all fleet missions, except for Amphibious Assault.

14. Fixed a bug with invalid auto-annexation when a country does not own any provinces and also a game freeze in the same situation when “Tech Team Take Over” option is enabled.

15. Fixed a rare CTD on return of expeditionary forces between 2 AI countries when one is annexed.

16. Fixed a bug with invalid brigades remaining attached in some cases on upgrade from one unit type to another.

17. Fixed a bug with "endgame" event command not ending the game in some cases.

18. Fixed a bug with out_of_fuel_speed unit modifier not used properly for land units out of fuel.

19. Fixed an issue with desired combat range calculation for carriers with 2 or more brigades when the 1st is not CAG.

20. Expeditionary forces set to use their own country combat, difficulty and intelligence modifiers and Min/Max positioning (instead wrongly using those of the receiving country).

21. Fixed event flags not set on clients in multiplayer games.

22. Fixed rare CTD on game exit when troops are loaded on military controlled transport fleet.

23. Fixed issues with Nuclear Submarine unit type (not counted as submarine in combats).

24. Removed unused “escort” sprite type.

25. Increased max new development name from 39 to 63 characters (fixes issues with too long division names defined in unitnames.csv).

26. Removed db\units\divisions\none.txt from checksum calculation.

27. Fixed a memory leak on Intelligence panel.

28. Fixed a bug in intelligence report preventing most distinguished active military commander to be reported. Activated scrolling for intelligence report.

29. Fixed a cosmetic issue in intelligence report that included dormant divisions too.

30. Removed Muddy weather from Naval units modifier statistics page (not used in-game).

31. Removed Frozen weather from Naval units modifier statistics page (not used in-game).

32. Changed unit stats color on production list from white to black to match the color used for deployed units.

33. Moved a bit to the left the “Supplied from…” text on unit panel.

34. Changed fleet speed text from “kmh” to “kn” on unit panel.

35. Fixed a bug in CG auto-slider for players (insufficient money production when having negative “free money”).

36. Fixed bugs with military power calculation (2-5 and naval brigades not taken into account before).

37. Fixed a bug on military statistics page not reporting CAG availability on carriers when not on the first attachment slot.

38. Fixed a bug where mixed fleets of CV+CAG and CVLs or CVs without a CAG could be reported as having no CV+CAG at all in naval combats.

39. Fixed issues with missing escort and engineer brigades symbols on unit plate when the last checked unit doesn’t have such brigade.

40. Removed FoW next to all allied units when at war (not only next to units with war allies).

41. Fixed a bug with Expeditionary forces in the redeployment pool being reinforced/upgraded twice per turn (once at the expense of the receiving country and once of its own).

42. Fixed bug with incorrect tool-tips on 2+ brigades for land and air units.

43. Fixed a bug in military statistics page skipping not yet deployed units.

44. Fixed a bug with unit modifiers changed by events wrongly applied to foreign expeditionary forces in redeployment pool.

45. Fixed a bug with missing/wrongly applied to expeditionary forces brigade stat modifiers changed by events.

46. Fixed an issue with tech team selection when no tech teams are available.

47. Masters set to get full intelligence report for puppets even when not allied.

48. Fixed a bug with missing tech teams if a country is annexed and then released after save/reload with "TT take over" option enabled.

49. Fixed a bug with missing tech teams if a country is annexed by one and released by another country and "TT take over" option is enabled.

50. Update unit sprite and counter on upgrade from one unit type to another.

51. Fixed a bug with air and land unit path finding when a province is owned by the unit’s country, but controlled by a neutral country.

52. Fixed a bug/exploit where any brigade type could be attached to any unit type when switching between units with a hotkey.

53. Fixed a bug/exploit where retreating to a friendly province unit vanish upon arrival if that province is attacked by a parachute division at the same time.

54. Fixed bugs with country diplomatic relations initialization (random data could occur).

55. Clear/set proper relations on country annexation and TAG change.

56. Added check if the model is not already in list on scrap division/brigade models.

57. Added check if a tech is not already in blueprints list before adding to the list.

58. Fixed a bug with released countries inheriting all deactivated techs from releasing country and some techs could not be researched in result.

59. Fixed CTD on coup of country that is not allied to other countries but has at least one puppet.

60. Added a check to prevent slept by command events to be included more then once in events history and slept lists. Do not add slept events to save_date list anymore.

61. Fixed AI bug where a tech team can be left on 2 or more tech slots at the same time.

62. Fixed AI to allow it to start a new tech research on the day the old one is completed instead with 1 day delay.

63. Ministers of countries created after ministers’ End Year won’t be saved anymore (solves a problem where such ministers can be appointed to posts on game reload).

64. Fixed a bug with non-researchable techs if the tech is disabled by other tech research start, but then the project research is terminated because of a tech slot loss.

65. Fixed a bug where AI can start more tech projects research then allowed to.

66. Fixed a bug with lost air units based in a province owned by country A but controlled by allied to A country B when land units from A enter the province and take control of it.

67. Apply combat damage to coastal forts as it is applied to land forts.

68. Event driven annexations changed to not cause relationship hits between annexing and other countries.

69. Fixed issues belligerence command tool-tip to show the correct country.

70. Fixed military_control trigger tool-tip text.

71. Damaged ships (less then 0.5 ORG and 20 STR) no longer will be deleted after the first hour of combat.

72. Fixed a bug with mobilization command applying tickle-back modifiers to (de)mobilized land units.

73. Show only one post battle message per battle instead of message for every player controlled country participating in the combat.

74. Fixed a bug with ‘peace’ event command not refreshing active wars immediately.

75. Allowed existing units of unit types that currently are forbidden for production to be upgraded.

76. Changed inherit event command to be instantly executed to solve some event issues.

77. Fixed wrong tool-tip for difficulty trigger.

78. Ignore “Min. Available IC as percentage of the final IC” and “Min. final Available IC” misc.txt modifiers when production is disabled in scenario.

79. Disabled production sliders automation button when production is disabled in scenario.

80. Fixed issues with dissent and CG needs calculations for “IC to Consumer Goods Ratio” setting in misc.txt different then 1.0.

81. Fixed issues in some cases with dissent added by minister changes. There will be dissent only on manual minister change by players now (2% for democracies except for chiefs of staff, army, navy and air, and 1% in all other cases).

82. Fixed issue with false “leader gains new trait” message.

83. Fixed bug with allied area not properly updated on alliance creation or extension.

84. Fixed bugs with some modifiers values on doctrine abandoning: extra_tc, tc_mod, tc_occupied_mod, attrition_mod, trickleback_mod, supply_dist_mod, repair_mod, research_mod, radar_eff, building_prod_mod, convoy_prod_mod.

85. Fixed invalid value of lost IC because of partisans on production tool-tip (added lost IC in provinces because of high revolt risk to the total IC hit because of dissent).

86. Fixed crashes on debug level 2 on battle scenarios start when not all provinces on the map are used.

87. Fixed a bug with resources from oversea puppets not delivered to oversea depot if that depot has no supplies.

88. Fixed synchronization issue with delayed convoying of resources from puppets added to oversea depots.

89. Fixed a bug with needed convoy transports calculation to depots where oversea puppets add resources.

90. Fixed a rare CTD on unit reorganization when one of the units is empty (“ghost unit”).

91. Fixed bugs where multiple wars of countries in the same alliance against a common enemy could be created.

92. Puppets set to join (or create) alliance with master on DoW by a country already at war with the master.

93. Non-allied to master puppets are no longer forced to join alliance after the master. Fixes a bug with joining a new alliance, but not ongoing wars.

94. Reclaim and return all expeditionary forces on alliance leave or alliance dissolve. Fixes various issues with troops left under command of another country indefinitely.

95. Fixed issue with air units redeployed to provinces without airport – these will be deployed to province with air base or will be deleted if no suitable deployment province could be found.

96. Fixed broken auto deploy of naval brigades for the player and AI.

97. Fixed a bug with max amphibious size parameter not saved when equal to 3 and reset to 1 upon reload.

98. Fixed a bug with “Force puppets to join their master's alliance...” misc.txt setting with puppets joining the alliance, but not joining any ongoing wars.

99. Fixed broken “Force puppets to join their master's alliance if AI Neutrality is...” misc.txt setting. Checked daily, puppets will join master’s alliance and any ongoing wars now.

100. Fixed a bug in merge wars logic resulting in members of the same alliance in separate wars against a common enemy.

101. Fixed alliance merging so all members of the old alliance to join the new one. All wars of both alliances will be merged too if possible.

102. Removed redundant country entry in save game for divisions left after strategic redeployment.

103. Fixed an issue with military controlled by player land units disengaging from combats on their own.

104. Fixed a random issue with units not taking control of a province when entering it, usually if attacked immediately.

105. Tweaked transport AI to not use enemy provinces as staging when there are friendly provinces in the area. Fixes weird AI behavior like start/cancel hopeless attacks.

106. Fixed CTD on game save in MP games if another player issued “Remove all countries” from intelligence targets list.

107. Fixed a bug with incorrect spy settings sent to host for a new country added to intelligence targets list in MP games.

108. Fixed issues with naval units transferred to alliance leader on annexation (leader was transferred too and ships kept old owner, country bonuses etc.)

109. Fixed issue with stats of rebel units switching side to a revolting country not using proper new country unit stats.

110. Fixed issues with units in captured ports:

- Always delete empty fleets

- Captured ships will be properly transferred to the new country and updated to its stats

- Always capture enemy ships in civil wars if no retreat possible

- Friendly fleets will be left in the port

- Neutral fleets will be expelled from the port

- Enemy fleets (not sunk or captured) will be expelled from the port if possible

- Loaded transports cannot be captured anymore

- Delete enemy fleets if no retreat is possible

111. Fixed issues with leader assignment UI - lag and leaders availability, when leaders from another country are in the list.

112. Fixed "Load new AI settings on AI file switching to all clients in MP games.” misc.txt setting not working properly.

113. Fixed bug with dissent and belligerence hits and cost from DoW not recorded on clients in MP games if the DoWed country joins a major alliance.

114. Fixed multiple dissent and belligerence hits and cost from DoW if the DoWed country had allies and all join a major alliance.

115. Fixed attrition losses value on tool-tip (was shown 10 times higher then the real).

116. Fixed issues with convoy transport/escorts under production tool-tip on top of the new convoy creation panel (random invalid values, not accounting for already built in serial builds, not accounting for amount of convoys/escorts added to the pool).

117. Fixed game lag issue when AI tries to rebase to inaccessible port.

118. Fixed a cosmetic issue with land unit speed shown under leader picture (it was 25% higher then the real unit speed).

119. Disabled "Join Alliance" diplomatic action when target country is not the alliance leader.

120. Improved desired naval combat range calculation by excluding disorganised and non-combat ships in fleets.

121. Disorganised carriers and bombers cannot do damage to buildings anymore.

122. Improved DoW logic when a member in alliance declares war on a country that is already at war with another allied country or vice versa. Countries join the existing war, instead of making a new one.

123. UI – fixed missing highlight on Weather Map button when selected.

124. Fixed a rare bug where an unit that is attacking in 2 provinces at the same time (after a rebellion in the current province while attacking another one) wrongly retreats to an enemy province when losing both battles and vanish on arrival.

125. Fixed a bug in production AI incorrectly building brigade types with no (0.0%) build priority set in AI files.

126. Fixed a bug with production AI overriding "max_factor" construction setting when "Do not start producing any new units when more then THIS percentage of the total IC is needed to supply existing units (0.0 to 1.0; 1.0 = 100%, disabled). Enabling this will encourage AI to build more IC when this ratio is exceeded." misc.txt setting is enabled even when "ic_end_year" is exceeded (incorrectly making all IC available for other constructions and convoys).

127. Changed GDE to apply to "Base chance of Land units to avoid hit if no defences left" too.

128. Fixed puppets to end all old alliance wars when leaving an alliance after the master.

129. Changed rebel units to use attack (as any other AI or player controlled countries do) instead of move order when moving to another province. Retreating rebel units no longer are allowed to change mission.

130. Fixed a rare bug with vanishing land units when participating in 2 land combats at the same time (one attacking and one defending) and losing any of those.

131. Fixed issues (missing airbase tooltip and selecting by a click on the base sprite) with air unit based in countries granting only military access.

132. Cancel (no longer valid) ongoing unit moves to neutral provinces after peace deals.

133. Fixed a bug where land units can be loaded to non-allied ships in ports in provinces with just Military Access to province controller.

134. Fixed a bug in multiplayer games where units given as expeditionary forces from host to clients change ownership permanently upon redeployment.

135. Set proper division stats on divisions transferred from deployment pool from one country to another on civil war start.

136. Return deployed or into the redeployment pool expeditionary forces to ex-allied countries on peace, war declarations and alliance changes.

137. Improved maintenance of original unit owner on change of controlling country.

138. Preserved current intelligence level on TAG change.

139. Fixed a bug with Support Defense mission not cleared when combat ends.

140. Fixed a bug with fleets remaining trapped in ports on province capture if escape sea zone is controlled by the same province (Suez, Panama etc.).

141. Fixed a rare CTD when a unit is deleted while in the list of selected by the player units.

142. Fixed a bug with missing messages when non-empty army, fleet or air unit is killed (captured) by the enemy.

143. Support defense and Planned defense missions no longer can be set to impassable provinces.

144. Fixed a bug with Shore bombardment mission not available to own controlled provinces if the country is not allied to someone.

145. Fixed a bug with lagging behind or missing production queue refresh after an item priority change for clients in MP games.

146. Fixed land and coastal fort bonuses to be applied only to province controller when defending. Previously those were applied to the defender even when not controlling the province (after rebel pop-up for example).

147. Fixed incorrect strength bar for side in combat when 2 or more units participate on the same side.

148. Fixed a bug with random unit merge after redeployment. Addresses many issues including permanent change of divisions ownership.

149. Allowed AI puppets to become AI front area leaders.

150. Fixed a bug with incorrect country specific division stats (added by techs, events etc.) on upgrade if the division is in control of another country (stats form the controlling country are applied instead from the own one).

151. Fixed a bug where divisions with no ORG did not properly have a chance to be targetted in land combats (misc.txt modifier).

152. Fixed a bug with own units not upgrading when in the redeployment pool.

153. Fixed issue with random events firing for all countries when TAG = { ... } list is used, instead of firing only for countries in that list.

154. Fixed stacking penalty calculation in naval combats to count all friendly ships in the combat instead of counting only own ships.

155. Improved strength, demobilize, strength_cap commands to ensure that these will be applied to all own units even it those are currently controlled by non-friendly nation.

156. Fixed a bug with AI being able to redeploy units when Strategic Redeployment mission type is not available for the country.

157. Fixed a bug with incorrectly triggered events on game start.

158. Fixed an issue with oversea provinces and fleets stationed in foreign ports that can be given at random to ex-alliance leader when a country is made puppet of another country.

159. Fixed an issue with “Load AI files from Moddir only” misc.txt setting usage.

160. Fixed an issue with AI not accounting for blocked strait when attacking, sometimes resulting in attacks/cancel attacks cycle to a wrong province.

161. Fixed an issue with naval combats range calculation.

162. Fixed a bug with custom alliance names resulting in crash on scenario end when used.

163. Fixed a bug with improperly applied and used max base province revolt risk modifier (misc.txt).

New features

1. New production panel layout (optional), with support of bigger unit pictures.

2. New division panel layout (optional), with support of bigger unit pictures.

3. Enable naval brigade pictures in the production UI (optional) instead of using brigade icons.

4. Implemented retirement year for ministers. Added retirement year to minister tool-tip.

5. Implemented retirement year for leaders. Added retirement year to leader tool-tip.

6. Changed default map mode on new game start from Terrain to Political View.

7. Implemented Plain terrain attack, defense and movement modifiers (modifiers.csv).

8. Implemented Clear weather attack, defense and movement modifiers (modifiers.csv).

9. Implemented 109 custom unit types (2 new, 8 reserved and 99 user defined). See db\units\division_types.txt for details.

10. Implemented 113 custom unit types (9 new, 5 reserved and 99 user defined). See db\units\brigade_types.txt for details.

11. Added 2 new optional (see misc.txt) tech overview panels for Unit and Brigade models.

12. Added new unit modifiers statistics page layout that can be switched on from misc.txt

13. Added missing “flying_bomb” sprite type

14. Allowed any ship type with CAG type brigade to act as carrier in naval combats.

15. Implemented new land brigade modifier – speed_cap, which cannot be exceeded by land divisions with such brigade attached.

16. Added moddable modifiers for every brigade type (db\units\brigade_modifiers.csv).

17. Added proper multi-language modifier names on statistics page.

18. Optimized some triggers evaluation by skipping dormant divisions and brigades in the pool.

19. Allowed all naval units with Sea Attack greater then 0 to fire in combat.

20. Buildings in production queue set to use gfx\interface\plate_provbuilding.bmp instead of gfx\interface\plate_prov.bmp.

21. Cosmetic – moved air/naval unit speed on unit panel few pixels up for better view.

22. Optimized available division/brigade models list save game format.

23. Added new tech components: cavalry_tactics (before rt_user_1) and rt_user_17 to rt_user_60 (after rt_user_16).

24. Casualties report (optional, misc.txt):

- Added 37 equipment categories to be used in brigade and unit types (per model) under new equipment = { } section:

manpower, equipment, artillery, heavy_artillery, anti_air, anti_tank, horses, trucks, halftracks, armored_car, light_armor, medium_armor, heavy_armor, tank_destroyer, sp_artillery, fighter, heavy_fighter, rocket_interceptor, bomber, heavy_bomber, transport_plane, floatplane, helicopter, rocket, balloon, transports, escorts, transport, battleship, battlecruiser, heavy_cruiser, carrier, escort_carrier, light_cruiser, destroyer, submarine, nuclear_submarine

- Added 7 more statistic pages: Army Equipment Comparison, Air Force Equipment Comparison, Naval Equipment Comparison, Taken Losses (Air), Inflicted Losses (Air), Taken Losses (Naval), Inflicted Losses (Naval)

- List current losses in battles (per country) on the tool-tip over battle progress bar (both on battles list and for current battle)

- List current equipment for each side in battles on the tool-tip over its strength bar and flag in battles list

- List current equipment for each side in battles on the tool-tip over its flag in battle panel

- List current equipment for the selected unit on tool-tips over unit strength bar and over unit’s type icon

- List current, max, less equipment for each division in combat on tool-tip over its picture

- List current, max, less equipment for each division on tool-tip over its picture in unit lists

- List current, max, less equipment for each division on tool-tip over its STR bar in unit lists

- List current, max, less equipment for each division on tool-tip over its picture in (re-)deployment pool

- List current, max, less equipment for each division on tool-tip over its STR bar in (re-)deployment pool

- List current, max, less equipment for each division on tool-tip over its big picture in division panel

- List current, max, less equipment for divisions in production list on tool-tip over division picture

- List brigade equipment on tool-tip over brigade check-boxes in production panel

- List brigade equipment on tool-tip over brigade icon in production panel and in build queue

- List division equipment on tool-tip over division icon in production panel and in build queue

- List total (division + all brigades) equipment on tool-tip over division picture in production panel and over division palate in build queue

- Post battle losses reports

- Added 3 Combat Losses Report styles, selectable from the right-click menu above the Pause button.

- Added 3 Equipment Report styles, selectable from the right-click menu above the Pause button.

25. Added tool-tips on Strength and Organization bars on units in (re-)deployment pool.

26. Tweaked message box text width to use space under shields too.

27. Allowed taller message boxes on higher screen resolutions (limited up to 736 pixels before).

28. Retirement year of generated dummy ministers set to current year + 1.

29. Added new texts for garrison trigger when used for ships.

30. Improved allied area calculation logic to include puppets and friendly nations too.

31. Improved convoy system:

- Allow supply convoys to start at and resource convoys to end to province controlled by a friendly nation

- Cancel convoys with invalid paths (like enemy controlled strait on the way).

- Improved provincial supply depots creation logic to take into account allied areas and put resources directly to capital when this is possible.

- Proper calculation of produced in the area resources.

- Improved precision of needed transport convoys calculation.

- Improved needed transport convoys calculation for convoys from oversea puppets.

- Delete inactive resource convoys (no resources at start area) when "Merge and relocate provincial depots to the best province in the area." option is enabled.

- Allowed resource convoys to ship back to capital exceeding supplies from oversea depots (optional, misc.txt).

32. Added current Trickle back modifier to Tech Overview page.

33. Enabled leader change for foreign expeditionary forces for players and AI countries.

34. Added new (optional) section to INC files: ai_settings. Any AI preferences can be defined inside it (same format as in AI files).

35. Clear old brigade and unit build preferences for AI when new are loaded from an AI file.

36. Improved province tooltip on “Economy” map mode to include max produced resources of any kind (only current and base values shown before).

37. Added tooltip about policy slider effects on the next step even when this move is not allowed currently.

38. Improved Merge Air unit tool-tip (UIW_MERGE_AIR_DIS_IRO) text to show the correct max air unit size as set in misc.txt.

39. Enabled (only in debug mode as it is redundant in most cases) the missing message about sent expeditionary forces between non-enemy countries.

40. Improved incabinet trigger tool-tip text by adding government position for minister next to his name. TC_IN_CABINET and TCNOT_IN_CABINET strings should be updated in mods!

41. Introduced 2 new AI front settings used to determine the front leader for fronts in areas controlled by multiple AI countries:

- front_leader_home – used when calculated for areas direct land connection through allied or own controlled provinces to the capital. Default is 5

- front_leader_overseas – used when calculated for areas with no direct land connection through allied or own controlled provinces to the capital. Default is 0

42. Sort divisions not only by type, but also by model on unit view panel.

43. Log to events history events with no country that have tag = { } list defined.

44. Added missing battle reports after naval and land bombings. Active only when casualties' reports are enabled

45. Added missing sunk ships list after air attacks.

  • data aktualizacji: 30 kwietnia 2013
  • kategoria gry: Strategiczne
  • rozmiar pliku: 158 MB

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