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Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.1.001 - v.1.003 - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars z gatunku Gry Akcji, wersja v.1.001 - v.1.003, data publikacji 2 maja 2012.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku16,5 MB


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data aktualizacji2 maja 2012

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Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars patch v.1.001 - v.1.003 - Darmowe Pobieranie |

wersja: v.1.002 - v.1.003

Patch do gry Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars. Poniżej oryginalny, anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:


Added a new dedicated server command: max_num_bots #set the max number of total bots the server is allowed to spawn (50-500) to allow less powerful servers to run commander battles without problems. Also changeable in the Admin Panel.

Added two new siege maps: Fort Lyon and Fort Boyd

Added Intern-admin chat that is only visible to admins. Colour is pink.

General Changes:

Added the missing backpack bottle to the Russian Foot Guard

Admin tools such as Slay, Freeze and Beacon now only show alive players

Replaced the Japanese "Rising sun" flag with the regular Japanese flag

Re-organised the Admin Panel to have the less used things at the end

Redone the French translation to be more French

Updated various maps to fix some issues

Game Balance:

Default rocket limit is now 5% of the team instead of 10%

Cuirassiers now have additional body armour and same health as everyone else

Increased sword skill slightly for all sword cavalry

Decreased the weight of all flags to make flag bearers move faster


Cannons and rockets that are player spawned are automatically removed after they are not used for 4 minutes in respawn modes, to limit the amount of cannons and rockets in the map for performance reasons

Improved performance on server to client network data for explosions

Improved performance on cannon aiming scripts

Now (hopefully) really fixed performance issues with bonuses

Bug Fixes:

Fixed that destructible scene props didn't refill their health after a round is over client side

Fixed the huge lag spike at end of a siege or battle round

Map placed artillery pieces limbered by a player no longer disappear the next round

Remade the collision mesh for the barrels

Non-dedicated servers now show up on the server list

Fixed an issue that caused occasional lag spikes in siege mode

Made player selection for admin tools work on non-dedicated servers

Fixed teleport scripts not working sometimes

Fixed a crash when opening the pioneer build window when using French localisation

Fixed that doors in siege mode had much too low health at map start

Fixed a bug that allowed doors to be destroyed multiple times

Destroyed doors can no longer be opened or closed

Fixed an issue that caused no hit sounds or particles to be generated from the first cannonball hit against certain house walls

Fixed that when changing checkboxes in the admin panel the screen would not fully update

When spawning with cannons is enabled but spawn with rockets is disabled you are now able to choose your cannon type

Fixed that in siege your defender lives didn't drop client side when you died

Fixed a bug where riflemen/cavalry class limits wouldn't let people join a regiment if 100% of the team's skirmishers/cavalry was in that regiment

Prussian Hussars are no longer better than the hussars of other factions in Commander Battle

  • data aktualizacji: 2 maja 2012
  • kategoria gry: Akcji
  • rozmiar pliku: 16,5 MB