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Virtual Pool 3 - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v. - v. digital distribution - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Virtual Pool 3 z gatunku Gry Zręcznościowe, wersja v. - v. digital distribution, data publikacji 9 stycznia 2007.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku2 MB


pobrań (7 dni)1

data aktualizacji9 stycznia 2007

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wersja: v. - v. digital distribution

Poprawka systemowa do gry Virtual Pool 3 dystrybuowanej za pośrednictwem sieci Internet. Poniżej jej oryginalny opis:


Physics Changes

- Slowed the rails down some


Physics Changes

- Tweaked the rail reversal effect of balls changing when hitting them back and forth at low angles and higher speeds

- Tweaked the rail speeds

Misc Changes

- Corrected a problem with running on Windows Vista


Physics Changes

- Corrected "stun bug"

- Rails friction is now slightly higher

Misc Changes

- Alternate break now works properly when a player explicitly changes turn at the start of a game


Physics Changes

- Corrected a problem where balls could drop through the top of the rail then end up floating in the air outside the table

- Corrected a problem where cue ball on pocket edge moves to center of table

Misc Changes

- On a snooker break and a foul occurs and the opponent passes the turn back, the break statistics did not reset to zero

- Snooker longest run was not being recorded

- Using amplify during ball in hand allows moving the cue ball through other balls and if another key was pressed while moving the cue ball, it could be dropped inside another ball

- Corrected sound bug where pocket sounds would occur when rails or table top was hit

- Added a L (left) or R (right) to the left of players name for One Pocket to show which pocket the player owns

- Fixed bug where Move Ball could not be remapped to mouse buttons

- Changed rack error

- Corrected a problem with registration that could cause VP3DL to become unregistered

Online Changes

- Attempted to fix problem with save games getting corrupted

Rule Changes

- When CO made an illegal break in Straight Pool or Basic Pocket Billiards and the rebreak was specified the turn was not passed back to the CO

Career Changes

- Changing the bet with Curley did not allow betting more than $10,000.


Misc Changes

- Fix problem where bowlliards break was at reduced power

Online Changes

- Attempted to fix problem where challenge room game setup changes

- Changed double click game load to not work when online

Physics Changes

- Adjusted rail reverse effect that was added in The effect was too severe and happened at velocities that were too low making double banks not open up enough.

- Snooker rail model was modified to be different than the pool rail model

- Fixed bug where object ball hitting inside edge of side pocket suddenly accelerated

- Fixed bug where ball in corner pocket would not be counted as pocketed


Rule Changes

- Fixed Straight Pool bug where an object ball hit off the table resulted in BIH in kitchen. It should be a foul but no BIH.

- Fixed problem where in rare instances low ball hit foul was called even though the low ball was hit. This was seen most often in Snooker when shooting colours but could happen in any game where a low ball hit is required.

Online Changes

- Fix turn change in Billiards. Ball colors did not change properly when turns were changed for the other player or spectators

Physics Changes

- Made balls cleaner so the throw less

- Redo of the rail model. Previous model was not well balanced and had errors in ball paths. Multiple rail shots did not respond properly and were overly sensitive to speed and English.

- Table bed friction was increased for Professional and Championship tables

- Fix bug where object ball on pocket edge could be shot though table


Career Changes

- Career Player skill level has been reduced

- Career weight adjusted for more play with less handicap

- Career due impression now has greater effect on how many players want to play and how much money they will bet

- Career games played in a match modified for some games

- Career opponent bets modified so it takes more plays to build up enough money to play the boss

- Computer Opponent was made easier for career

- Computer Opponent handles low ball spot for rotation better

- Computer Opponent now handles situation where it needs a hook to win better

- Computer Opponent handles Straight Pool and Basic Pocket Billiards illegal break situations better

- Computer Opponent now plays Cribbage better

- Computer Opponent mental state variance has been reduced

- For Quick Play Computer Opponent now plays Career Hard level. It used to be Career Good Luck level

- Fixed Computer Opponent statistics problem where Statistics menu called from Career Select Opponent menu was not initialized to the game being played in the career.

- Put Opponent mental characteristics into the Computer Opponent Profile screen for Career Play. The mental state is always set to Unknown.

- Added Skip Movie button for Career Play

- Curly match was set to 11 games. It has been changed to vary by game type.

Misc Changes

- Fixed bug, during online play, after a one pocket match the Call Shot window would shot and the screen was black

- Fix crash bug for Trick Shot Post in 16 bit mode

- Removed ERSB notice when online play starts

- Change Turn for Billiards at start of game now has breaking player always using cue ball on the right side

  • data aktualizacji: 9 stycznia 2007
  • kategoria gry: Zręcznościowe
  • rozmiar pliku: 2 MB

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