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nazwa pliku:F1 2010 patch v.1.01

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data publikacji:3 listopada 2010

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F1 2010
patch v.1.01

wersja: v.1.01

Patch przeznaczony do gry F1 2010. Poniżej anglojęzyczna lista wprowadzanych uaktualnień.

Changes in version 1.01:

* "Pit-in" OSD indicator now appears after the player is advised to pit to repair car damage

* A number of shadowing improvements have been added

* Amended the time trial penalty system so that only players cutting the final corner on certain tracks will have their subsequent lap times invalidated

* Balanced the effects of the drying line created by cars when in a wet race

* Balancing improvements have been made to AI drivers to prevent unexpected race results

* Corrected an issue AI cars would not attempt to move out of the player's way when under a blue flag on an in / out lap during practice and qualifying session

* Corrected an issue where ABS would become enabled when selecting to "drive out" out of the pit lane in a race weekend

* Corrected an issue where AI cars would fail to respond appropriately when cars were either side of them in a corner

* Corrected an issue where AI cars would not be required to pit in a mandatory pit race after the use of a flashback

* Corrected an issue where AI times were being reported incorrectly on the first lap

* Corrected an issue where AI were being disqualified during wet races in Montreal

* Corrected an issue where car driving style was defaulting to "Wet" in network sessions

* Corrected an issue where damage to AI cars was being inconsistently applied

* Corrected an issue where disqualified AI cars would cause network races to end prematurely

* Corrected an issue where disqualified drivers were displayed in the incorrect order in the online race results screen

* Corrected an issue where flashback would become disabled after resetting to track

* Corrected an issue where incorrect race positions were reported in a network race after terminal damage had occurred

* Corrected an issue where lap and split times would be displayed incorrectly after flashing back to before the start/finish line

* Corrected an issue where pit engineer would fail to remind you to pit on mandatory pit stop races

* Improvements have been made to the pitting process to prevent the player getting stuck.

* Corrected an issue where positions of AI cars in a network race would be incorrectly displayed after a player quit the session

* Corrected an issue where punctured tyres would be carried across to subsequent sessions in a race weekend

* Corrected an issue where race strategy would fail to update correctly after the player manually selected a different starting tyre choice

* Corrected an issue where research path choice was not being carried over to subsequent season

* Corrected an issue where save data is reported corrupted

* Corrected an issue where sessions in progress would appear on the server list after quitting a network session

* Corrected an issue where some AI cars using a single-stop strategy would not pit during a mandatory pit stop race

* Corrected an issue where the dynamic racing line would not display correctly if the grip conditions changed

* Corrected an issue where the incorrect car name could be displayed above cars in the Grand Prix menu after completing a Time Trial race

* Corrected an issue where the player is told to copy their team mate's car setup

* Corrected an issue where the player was able to pass through other cars after restarting a session

* Corrected an issue where yellow flags would continue to be displayed for cars that had been removed from the race in network sessions

* Corrected an issue where user would be penalised for overtaking pitted AI cars when under yellow flag

* Made penalties less likely to be awarded after spinning out on the track

* OSD now displays time gap between cars on the sector and lap split times

* Reduced the frequency of penalty warnings given for minor collisions

* Reduced the frequency of punctures received from standard tyre wear

* Sector times for the car on pole position is now shown in the split times on the OSD

* Tuned the grip properties of the tyre compounds in different weather conditions

* A number of localisation issues have been resolved.

* Added benchmark mode from graphics menu

* Added native support for the Leo Bodnar SLI-Pro steering wheel controller circuit board

* Added support for AMD Eyefinity / Nvidia surround multiple monitor modes

* Added support for crossfire / SLI and multicore GPUs.

* Added support for DirectX 11

* Added support for Intel SandyBridge processor and graphics

* Added support for the Thrustmaster GT Experience steering wheel

* Additional (D-Box) motion platform support during pit stops

* AI cars now correctly reduce speed when damaged

* Changed default laps of fuel in practice and qualifying sessions to 10 and 5 respectively

* Corrected an issue where (D-Box) motion platform would stop functioning after using a flashback

* Corrected an issue where drivers of ghost cars became solid at certain camera angles

* Corrected an issue where force feedback would remain applied when restarting a session with full wheel lock used

* Corrected an issue where the driver head would bob extremely violently on certain machines

* Enabled access to the Advanced Wheel Options for all users

* The replay file can now be saved as an external file and played back within the game

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03.11.2010 10:49

corrected, corrected........................ lol

Swoją drogą ciekawy jestem czy będzie różnica między oficjalnym wsparcie dx11 a zmianą parametru w .cfg, którą uskuteczniano do dnia dzisiejszego?

03.11.2010 11:13

Ze strony codemaster idzie pobrać patch za darmo a tu jak zawsze trzeba płacić, przynajmniej nie wylecieli z ceną 10 zeta za sms

03.11.2010 13:27

Nic nie trzeba a mozna.

03.11.2010 14:54

Nareszcie ten wyczekiwany patch. Zaraz zobaczę czy coś zmienił

03.11.2010 16:59

Problem z pit-stopami jest nadal, dzisiaj przetrzymał mnie 15 sec. Kurwa, jak nie umieją robić patcha to niech nie robią.

04.11.2010 20:36
Black Ajgor

Na innym forum czytałem że ta poprawka wprowadza więcej bałaganu niż porządku.

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