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nazwa pliku:Rayman Legends patch v.1.02

rozmiar pliku:5,5 MB

data publikacji:14 października 2013

kategoria pliku:patch

Rayman Legends
patch v.1.02

wersja v. 1.02

Patch o numerze 1.02 do gry Rayman Legends. Poniżej anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:

· Frame Rate Issue –

o Players with resolution refresh rates set below 59Hz/60Hz were experiencing low FPS and rates set higher than 60Hz produced frame skipping.

o Selection of invalid refresh rates will not be possible after installation of this patch.

· Online Challenge Connection Issue (follow-up from 13/09/2013 server maintenance) –

o Fixed country configuration issue where players from certain countries were unable to access online features.

· Enhanced data encryption to combat hacking.


· Black Border Issue: Players may continue to set their screen resolution to higher than 16:9 but by doing so they may encounter issues. We suggest that players set the resolution to 16:9 or below for an optimal game experience.

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