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SpellForce: Zakon Świtu - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.1.52a Full ENG - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry SpellForce: Zakon Świtu z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.1.52a Full ENG, data publikacji 21 stycznia 2005.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

rozmiar pliku58,1 MB

data aktualizacji21 stycznia 2005


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wersja: v.1.52a Full ENG

Poprawka systemowa do gry SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. Aktualizuje ona grę od wersji podstawowej, w jakiej ukazała się w sklepach, do wersji v.1.52a. Poniżej opisano problemy jakie ów patch eliminuje (tekst oryginalny – j. angielski):

Version 1.52a

Some problems were encountered with the Gold Edition of Spellforce and thelatest Patch 1.52, players were asked for a cd-key although the GE doesn'trequire one. This patch fixes that problem.

Important: The patch is only necessary, if you are trying to play the GoldEdition together with our latest patch v1.52, but it works for all editions!

Please keep in mind, that the patch includes several maps (Coop_43_dark_Kathai,Coop_43_light_Kathai, Questplace) for the second Add-On "Shadow of thePhoenix". If you try to load one of these without having the second AddOninstalled, your system will crash.

Version 1.52

Here's the release of a new patch for all language versions of SpellForce, fixing some minor problems and logic issues. Also, the new netcode is now really capable of handling several players with different language versions, both in coop and pvp games. The problem with Gold Edition and the second addon, Shadow of the Phoenix, making internet games impossible, was fixed too.

Version 1.38

- While storing, it sometimes occurred that the program crashed, displaying the error message "buffersize too small". This no longer occurs.

- Sometimes certain savegames crashed when patch 1.35 was installed via SpellForce TOoD without the addon. These savegames now function properly with patch 1.38.

- Sometimes during Freeplay mode, the Avatar was declared invalid while loading, if the player died right after rising one level, and then saved the game. This no longer occurs.

- Languages were mixed up on computers when players with differing language versions played against each other.

- Problems with Fog Spell have been fixed.

- Problems occurring in special cases when using the spells "Dominate" and "Charm" have been fixed.

- The random function responsible for choosing the loot didn't pick certain items at all. This has been fixed.

- A display problem with TFT displays that are called via DVI has also been fixed.

Version 1.35

Free game: invalid avatars

If the user distributed remaining skill points while the avatar was respawning (after having died in Free Game Mode), this could cause the character to become invalid. The game refuses to load save games containing such characters. It is no longer possible to distribute skill points during respawn.

Problem using several shield spells simultaneously: Auras not working:

Some auras would be ineffectual in such cases. This has been fixed.

Error message in Character Select menu if no save game has been created.

If the player quit the Character Select menu in order to reach the main menu, and if no save game existed, an Access Violation could sometimes occur. This is now working correctly.

Improved performance on Shal'Dun

After using the portals, performance problems sometimes occurred in this area. This is no longer the case. No more attacks vs. friendly units

It was previously possible to attack friendly units using the keyboard. This has been fixed.

Portal travel during movie sequence

During ingame movie scenes, it was possible to enter a portal, potentially causing a program crash. Now it is only possible to enter portals after the scene.

Janina no longer follows

In rare cases, Janina would simply stand still instead of following the player around. This has been fixed.

Spellfire problems in the Firefangs

If the player left the Firefangs area while the Spellfires quest was active,

and later returned in order to solve it, then it would sometimes not be possible to solve this quest. This has been fixed.

Blocked units

In rare cases, the player's units would be blocked by neutral units, preventing them from moving. With this patch, this will no longer happen. Unfortunately, if your save game contains such a situation, it cannot be fixed.

Mirror sidequest

If you used the Altar before having found all three quest items, the quest would become impossible to solve. This has been fixed.

* Fixed a bug in the sound system: Playing for a long time would occasionally cause music and sound FX to stop.

* Shockwave: This spell is now more efficient against units with high intelligence.

* Swapping runes during hero production sometimes caused heroes to lose their equipment. This has been fixed.

* Avatars with extremely high attribute values could sometimes cause calculation errors. This has been fixed..

* Installing the add-on would sometimes cause an error message in the map Greydusk Vale (in the original Spellforce game). This has been fixed.

Version 1.11

- New convenience-functions: In the construction menu tool-tip of the respective type of building, you can now see how many existing buildings you have and how many are currently being built.

- Newly added soulstones are now named according to their position, even when you load older saved-games.

- Now you can exchange hero runes directly. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to remove a rune prior to inserting the new one.

- Some quest bugs are fixed.

Version 1.10

Among the features are:

- Over 30 new bindstones to improve travel time across the world of SpellForce

- Sort function for the Inventory

- Auto-unequip for Heroes who are taken out of the runeboard

- New Difficulty Level "Hard": If you have already played SpellForce you can find new challenges. More enemies..but also more rewards.

- New Soundoption for Surroundsound and four speakers.

- The Elfs now have all buildings available for Multiplayer.

- Female Avatar equipment now properly displays graphical effect

- Resource Cheat in Multiplayer resolved

Version 1.05

- It wasn't possible to reach skill level 12 for the Avatar - this has been fixed.

- The function Quickload has now been assigned to the key "F9"

- Old screenshots will not be overwritten anymore.

- An incorrect tooltip in the equipment dialog has been corrected (right hand/left hand).

- A space in the installation directory path name led to a crash in multiplayer mode.

- In 3rd Person-View, the avatar was attacked by his own long-distance fighters in Follow-Mode.

- For matters of better differentiation, the hero runes are colored according to the type of hero.

Version 1.03

- When the player wants to learn the spell "Magic of Boons", the game crashes. This has been fixed.

- At times it was possible that savegames lead to a system-crash during the loading process or when you changed maps after loading a savegame. Now, these savegames run again.

- In some cases, when the game crashes, the file logconsole.des could be corrupt. Then the game will crash again the next time you start the game. After patch 1.03, a corrupt logconsole.des file will not lead to additional crashes.

- Till now, there was no check in multiplayer mode, to make sure the players were all using the same version of the program. When running different versions, the only message that endlessly appeared, read "Please wait", and appeared after the host started the game. From patch 1.03 on, an error message will appear.

- The side quest Stonecrusher tended to fail: The dwarf did not demolish the stone blocks. Now, the stone blocks are demolished every time (and retroactively).

Version 1.02

- "Incompatible System Configuration" error messages during the game installation process and game start appeared on systems with Intel-Chip Sets with the Intel Application Accelerator (Intel Busmaster IDE-Driver) installed and on nforce2-chipsets with ForceWare 3.13. In order to install the game anyway, please start the v1.02 Update-Program - this program will execute the game-installation program and thus, solve the compatibility problem. The error message "Incompatible System Configuration" is also triggered when the "RMPS-Emulations Options" in virtual drives are turned on. These options must be deactivated.

- The side quest character Goran did not give the player the promised reward. Now he does.

- All multiplayer speech-versions have been brought up-to-date. The patch is necessary in order to play against other players with different speech-versions.

- Altogether, multiplayer parties run much smoother.

- Performance breakdowns sometimes occurred when ordering a direct attack command on a long-distance target with several units. This has been fixed.

- Occasionally, the characters' Hitbars were still shown during dialogs and were visually disturbing. Now the Hitbars are turned off during dialogs.

- At times, the shadows of the trees tended to flicker. This has been fixed.

- When formations including fast and slow units were made, the faster units always moved a bit ahead of the slower units, and then they would stop and wait. Now, the fast units adjust their speed according to the slow units.

- A possible crash in multiplayer mode after long parties has been fixed.

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