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Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.1.03 - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.1.03, data publikacji 22 listopada 2004.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

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data aktualizacji22 listopada 2004


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wersja: v.1.03

Poprawka do gry Combat Mission: Afrika Korps (zarówno do wersji wydanej w USA jak i w Europie). Pełną listę zmian znajdziecie poniżej (j. angielski):


The CMAK 1.03 patch is all inclusive and includes all the fixes and changes included in the earlier 1.01 and 1.02 patches. It can be applied to CMAK version 1.0, 1.01 or 1.02.


Games saved in v1.03 can't be loaded in by the older version. If you are playing others by email or TCP/IP, make sure you all upgrade to v1.03.

1.) In CMAK version 1.0, 1.01 or 1.02, load the PBEM file. In an orders phase, save the pbem file as a saved game by clicking on the little SAVE button on the command bar at the bottom of the screen.

2.) Repeat Step 1 for all PBEM files you wish to convert.

3.) Install the 1.03 patch.

4.) Open CMAK Version 1.03.

5.) Open the saved game file from step 1.

6.) Choose Email as the startup option for the saved game.

7.) Place your orders as you normally would in a PBEM, and press "GO".

Congratulations! You have now converted your pbem file.

Repeat as necessary for any other files you need to convert..

Patch Version History

v1.03 Fixes/Changes

* Fixed PBEM issues introduced in v1.02 patch

Patch Version History

v1.02 Fixes/Changes

* "Labels" indicate tired or exhausted for infantry.

* Fixed a problem that erased the facade textures of large buildings when "hide roofs" option is on.

* Churchill V shows proper camouflage in Europe.

* Availability dates of Elefant changed.

* Jagdpanzer IV upper hull side armor is 30mm.

* Minor changes to armor on Pz IV/70. Silhouette and ammo load increased for model A.

* Italian availability of German 75mm ATG starts January 1943.

* Cleaned up some gun icons and new Italian-theater 25pdr textures.

* Staghound III crew changed to 4.

* MMG Carriers are available to Commonwealth troops.

* ATR Carriers are rare after North Africa.

* Canadians may use the Humber III LRC (representing the Otter).

* Stug IIIF (early) shows the proper camouflage in Italy.

* German 28mm heavy antitank rifle is treated as a little larger (than previously) for transport purposes.

* Light two-level buildings on pavement now face properly as indicated in game editor.

* Italian 75/27 and 75/32 guns may use a HEAT round starting September 1942.

* Corrected a problem that caused some "pure armor" QBs to appear with no allied troops in North Africa.

* Rarity increased for captured PAK97/38 75mm antitank guns before mid-1942.

* Introduction date of German-use Russian 76mm AT gun is April 1942.

* Valentine ammo load changed: 79 (2pdr), 53 (6pdr)

* Vickers MMG shows correct graphic in the player interface area.

* Updated graphics for 37mm Bofors AT gun.

* Various small updates to Australian TO&E.

* All PzIIIJ models are available as originally in v1.0 (the fix in v1.01 was incorrect).

* Churchill tanks removed from Canadian service.

* In Italy the Sherman II (early) and Sherman III (early) have a platoon size of four tanks.

* Germans have use of captured Italian M42 and M43 Semovente vehicles starting in October 1943.

* Grant and late-model M3 Medium have crew of 6.

* Churchills from Mk.V and on have their appearance dates moved later in the war.

* PzIIIF is reintroduced (it had been removed in v1.01) but is rare and only available for a few months starting March 1941.

* South African mechanized troops arrive in Italy in April 1944. Regular infantry does not participate in Italy.

* SMG used by British and Australians is Thompson before Italy, Sten in Italy. New Zealanders use Thompson for whole war.

* Twin Bren AAMG added.

* New Zealand may use the Stuart I and II.

* Corrections made to Commonwealth armor crew "portraits".

* Early Commonwealth infantry battalions use the twin Bren AAMG not the Bofors cannon.

* New Zealander 1945 infantry battalion adds an MG platoon.

* New Zealand does not have access to Staghounds in 1945.

* Pillboxes use their 'snowy' graphics in snow.

* Early Commonwealth battalion TO&E uses a landline mortar FO rather than one with a radio.

* Wasp is available Nov 1944, correcting a points problem with the Commonwealth infantry battalion.

* South Africans may use Stuart V.

* US Rangers first available February 1943.

* Corrected a small ammo roundoff problem when rejoining split squads.

* Pillbox firing slits are a little harder to hit.

* Fallschirmjaeger Battalion '41 uses 42mm lePaK41 AT gun.

* German panzerwurfmine introduced May 1943.

* Italian 75mm HEAT ammo penetration slightly reduced.

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