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Strategic Command World War I: Breakthrough! - aktualizacja do gry wersja - v.1.04 - Download

Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Strategic Command World War I: Breakthrough! z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.1.04, data publikacji 18 października 2013.

typ plikuAktualizacja do gry

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data aktualizacji18 października 2013

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wersja v. 1.04

Patch o numerze 1.04 do gry Strategic Command World War I: Breakthrough!. Poniżej anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:


- fixed a unit purchase placement error that would cause a CTD

- fixed a move and attack followed by an invalid undo move CTD error

- fixed a tile control clean up error following minor country surrenders

- fixed a supply calculation error for occupied minors that were having low supply such as 3 instead of 5 when not connected to other friendly capitals

- fixed a TCP/IP game error that was incorrectly handling LOOP events

- fixed a supply calculation error for cutoff rail tiles but still connected via friendly tiles

- research breakthrough now raised to 45% from 30%


1870 Franco-Prussian War

- Rémilly at 115,56 changed from a village to a town for purposes of supply, and it is now connected by rail.

- Rail travel is now slightly cheaper for both sides.

- France’s Garde Mobile Build Limit increased from 18 to 30.

- The cost of French Brigades and Garde Mobiles has been reduced.

- All parts of the Paris fortresses will now start at supply 10.

- Gambetta’s Balloon flight now boosts French National Morale by 2,500 points rather than 500.

- Hunger in Paris due to the siege now only reduces French National Morale by 25 points rather than 50.

- Ordering artillery from the UK now costs 300MPPs rather than 350, spread over six turns.

- From the 1st September 1870 France will start receiving imports of military supplies from the UK and USA, represented by an increase in income of 30 MPPs a turn.

- The founding of the Republic will now boost French National Morale by 2,500 points.

- Victory script added for a Prussian Historic Decisive Victory if they hold both Coblenz and Paris.

- Two Industrial Centers added to Paris.

- Prussian National Morale will now be reduced by 3,000 points if they lose Freiburg, Karlsruhe or Trier, and by 1,000 points if they lose Saarbrücken or Saarlouis.

- The Army of Chalons now deploys later than before, so the Gardes Mobiles de la Seine now deploy on the 11th August rather than the 1st; the 23rd and 24th divisions on the 17th August rather than the 7th, and the 21st and 22nd divisions on the 13th rather than the 11th.

- The scripts affecting the defenders' morale at Metz, Strasbourg and Belfort have been switched off.

- The effect of scripted French Fortress Artillery fire has been significantly increased to cause minor casualties to Prussian units, and a corresponding script for German Fortress Artillery fire at Mainz has been added. They will now fire every turn.

- The timing of one of the Empress's messages has been amended.

- France will now be charged for the Artillery ordered from the UK

- Warning added to the Decision to send Gambetta to Orleans, advising that it would be a serious mistake to say no to it

- Victory script added so that the French win a Decisive Victory if they capture Koblenz (Ancient Demon).

- The French 5th Cavalry and 17th Infantry Divisions will now deploy at Saverne 130,62 on the 1st August, rather than at Reichshoffen on the 3rd August.

- French HQ's Action Points increased from 3 to 4

- Holding elections will now boost France's National Morale by 5,000 points.

- AI settings altered so that the French AI will now have its required units

- The Guide has been updated to better explain that villages do not provide supply, mobilization costs will be charged for 10 turns, and in line with changes to the Decision Events.

- Maximum unit experience is now 2

1914 Call to Arms; 1914 Ostaufmarsch

- Grammatical errors in two National Morale scripts corrected

- Italian AI Garrison scripts relating to southern Italy adjusted

- Variable Condition added to the Treaty of Bucharest Decision (DE 629) to ensure that Russia has withdrawn from the war when it fires.

- The partisan trigger points for the Arab revolt, apart from at Medina, Hail and in Syria, will now only be disclosed to the Ottoman player when the revolt is due to commence, and they will vary from game to game

- Ottoman AI garrison scripts amended in accordance with the above.

1918 Second Marne

- US HQ attachments amended to be in line with Britain and France

- Britain, France and the USA now start with two chits in shell production

- When playing at Beginner's Level or above the German AI will now better reinforce Rethel and Asfeld if they are threatened.

- French income decreased by 25 MPPs

- US income increased by 25 MPPs

1939 Storm over Europe

- AI exclusion lists improved.

- Axis AI will now attack the Brest-Litovsk Fortress

- The cost of US research into Industrial Technology has been increased from 125 to 175MPPs.

- The maximum number of chits that can be invested in all categories is now 2.

- Soviet HQs Voroshilov (at Leningrad); Buddeny (at Cherkassy) and Timoshenko (at Smolensk); now start at strength 4.

- The USSR's Oilfield now only starts producing MPPs after the fall of France.

- Two mines in the Urals that were due to start producing after the fall of France will now only start producing when industry is transferred from the Ukraine.

- fixed a WAR ENTRY script error that prevented countries like Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria from joining the Axis in some rare cases

- DE 403 now provides 750 MPPs to the USSR spread over three turns when the USSR joins the Allies.

- two AI related resource scripts removed and replaced by dummy Decision Events.

- All Garrison units now have 3 Action Points

- Kalamata is Greece is now an Industrial Center to enable Greece to deploy new units in Sparta if Athens is surrounded

- Options for the Operation Chariot Decision Event made clearer

- The Political consequences of the Operation Menace Decision Event made clearer

- Failsafe Dates for the UK's Tenth Army and Western Desert Air Force changed to 1st January 1942

- USSR's research limit increased to 1,350 MPPs

- The USSR no longer starts with a chit invested in researching Intelligence.

- Renamed duplicate 1ere French Artillery to 3eme

1916 Jutland

- Decision Events controlling some of the Victory Conditions corrected

1914 March on Paris/1918 Ludendorff Offensive

- German/Belgian frontier amended

  • data aktualizacji: 18 października 2013
  • kategoria gry: Strategiczne
  • rozmiar pliku: 549,2 MB