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Soldner: Secret Wars - Community Edition - v.33900 - Pełna wersja gry - Download

Pobierz i zagraj za darmo i legalnie w pełną wersję gry Soldner: Secret Wars z gatunku Gry Akcji w wersji Community Edition - v.33900 na komputer lub laptop z systemem Windows. Do pobrania za darmo i legalnie. Życzymy miłego grania.

typ plikuPełna wersja gry

rozmiar pliku481,8 MB

data aktualizacji11 sierpnia 2011


pobrań (7 dni)11

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Akcja SÖLDNER: Secret Wars toczy się w niezbyt odległej przyszłości roku 2010. Wielkim potęgom jak Stany Zjednoczone czy Rosja po blisko połowie wieku znudziła się rola tzw. „Światowej Policji”. Prowadzone przez te kraje kampanie militarne i sankcje ekonomiczne bardzo negatywnie odbiły się na ich gospodarce, ekonomii i przede wszystkim bezpieczeństwie narodowym. Powoli nadrzędną rolę w międzynarodowych konfliktach zaczęły odgrywać małe i dobrze zorganizowane grupy najemników, wykorzystujące bardzo nowoczesny sprzęt bojowy ( pojazdy opancerzone, śmigłowce, oraz samoloty startu pionowego).

Uwaga: Gra w wersji Community Edition w angielskiej wersji językowej. Poniżej anglojęzyczny opis zawartości tej wersji (v.33900):


- !fps and !tell commands work again

- fixed error that allowed to join the portal with any nickname ignoring registered multiplayer account

- removed inactive "Clan" button from multiplayer menu

- server list is now sorted by number of players by default

- fixed defective Sniper Kit laser when the kit was bought in the pre-spawn terminal

- zooming the scope while the soldier is playing an animation will no longer make the soldier switch weapons

- removed restriction for Addon weapons / vehicles (affects Training mode)

- suicide money penalty no longer affects the team account

- fixed error that caused the weapon accuracy not to increase again when the pulse calmed down

- the respawn time is no longer multiplied when a player is killed while parachuting

- the soldier zoom keys will now switch through weapon slots while the player is not in a scope view (default: mouse wheel)

- fixed weapon invisibility when throwing a weapon away in scope mode

- fixed weapon invisibility when being killed a) in scope view b) in first person view

- added timestamp to screenshot name. Screenshot name format is now: Pic000-yyyymmdd_hhmm-gametime.tga

- it is no longer possible to shoot faster than the autofire firerate in singleshot mode

- in capture gamemodes the spawn goal selection is reset to the team hq (from mobile respawn) when the player spawns

- reworked shuffle weather system to increase performance and make the system less error-prone

- V-C-G AGS is working again

- fixed error that made the player unable to move when an AGS gesture was sent shortly after the respawn

- Entire code for vehicle axle settings and vehicle propulsion overhauled

- tank wheels without contact to the ground are now animated

- when a team has no respawn bases left, other players of the team can only use player tracking spectator mode

- it's now possible to airtransport amphibious vehicles with the helicopter hook

- vehicles don't explode anymore when they are driven into water, they'll sink and become uncontrollable

- heavy vehicle weapons will shake the vehicle when fired (tank main cannons, Anti-Air guns)

- implemented shell casing effects for vehicle based weapons

- added new shot type with special tank penetrating effects

- drowning is now counted as a death in the statistics

- added submarines as a new vehicle class

- fixed an error that caused the character idle animations not to be played

- most ship propellers are now animated

- added a new submarine HUD

- your current weapon is now automatically sold when buying a new weapon for the same slot in the pre-spawn terminal

- adjusted settings for the maximum level of detail video option

- removed render grass option, grass is now forced on for every player

- added video option to enable/disable gunshell effects for vehicles

- left click with knife equipped now always causes an attack, the logo carving function is now the alternate fire function

- the '-mods' command line parameter now works for servers as well

- deactivated old network debug function that created overall_network.csv files and serverstats

- moved game settings files and screenshot folder to the MyDocuments folder

- tweaked the code for the server browser, the server list updates faster now

- added a new admin function to load random maps from the mapcycle

- added new routines to be able to adjust the direction boats are leaning in when steering

- added support for under water decoys

- added new xml switch to make rockets usable in water

- deactivated nick changing when connected to a LAN server

- fixed an error that caused expired rockets to deal no damage

- added function to adjust the live time of vehicle mounted rockets using the mouse wheel (used for waterbombs)

- submerged units will no longer be displayed on the radar

- players can enter submarines when diving

- the mini-map no longer centers back on the start position when changing seats in a vehicle

- radar targets are now rendered with an alternate system as a workaround for the NVIDIA driver incompatibilities (temporary, until we solve the issue)

- added new XML value to influence the acceleration of ships

- changed physics calculations for vehicle surfaces to make them less prone to getting stuck in the terrain

- changed code for jet camera ball calculation

- blocked old webinterface for certified servers

- added a confirmation box before a training-mission is started

- removed notice regarding the abuse board for successfull kick votes

- changed URL in the ranking welcome message (join message)

- the editor now indicates the orientation of spawning objects

- the sound notifications for commander targets are now played in English when no localized soundfile was found

- the rcon map command now checks for an exact match to the mapname first

- fixed an error that could cause the up and down buttons in the UCS screen to disappear

- players killed by exploding vehicles will now be counted as a kill for the player who destroyed the vehicle

- fixed a crash that occured when pressing a key in the terminal screen

- TSE presets can now be bought by pressing keys 0 - 9

- fixed minor issue with the TSE presets window

- Commander Mode playerlist no longer shows multiple players selected when they are not

- Commander Mode playerlist design completely reworked so the commander gets more (usefull) information

- increased number of players in Commander Mode playerlist (without scrolling) from 8 to 17

- the commander now gets score for completed game mode goals (capture flag/vehicle; conquer flag (CQ))

- Commander vehicle targets now show an icon to indicate the vehicle type of the target

- Commander infantry target markers now have a limited lifetime of 30 seconds

- the commander can no longer mark enemy soldiers inside a vehicle

- added delay to the Commander Mode mouse over text for enemy soldiers to make it harder to find players in closed buildings

- when the commander leaves the commander view all targets are deleted (not just hidden)

- fixed an error that caused the commander beeing stuck after leaving the commander mode

- the commander mode will no longer be closed when the same commander is voted commander again


- decreased maximum zoom level in commander mode

- reconfigured grass render settings and grass types per ground texture

- restricted maximum player name length to a maximum of 22 characters

- changed weapon sound of the A-10 MG

- updated heartbeat settings; the heartbeat will decrease more slowly now

- the weather setting "rainy" is now accesible for the shuffle weather feature

- changed tank transmission settings so they are slower but more powerfull on challenging terrain

- Tracer effect is better and longer visible now

- Gepard and Tunguska now have a much higher firerate

- reconfigured driving behaviour of wheeled and tracked vehicles

- removed tracer effect for all launchers (e.g. vehicle smoke grenades)

- Panzerfaust 3 scope redesigned to make the scope markers more helpful when aiming

- fixed game freeze when using Stinger or TOW stands in a water filled crater

- removed xml files that are no longer necessary

- fixed awkward steering behavior of boat 'RIB'

- added new scope for RPG29, PF89 and all FHJ versions

- increased maneuverability of helicopters

- removed infrared target indicator that caused graphics glitches

- sounds for bullet hits on metal are louder now


- reworked flare effect; colors are more realistic now and in addition to the flare the aircrafts throw a couple of chaffs

- minor cosmetic change on tank muzzle smoke effect

- added spark effect for impacts of shells with a caliber of 20mm and greater

- redesigned rainy weather mode, precipitation was removed and color settings changed

- added sound for weapon shell casings

- changed several vehicle models to be able to render the gunshell effects properly

- added several new shell casing effects

- bubble effects for sinking ships and vehicles added

- commander mode icons completely reworked

- added submarine "ASDS"

- the ship "Mark V" has been fitted with water bombs to hunt submarines

- created new explosion effect for water bombs

- model for helicopter AH-1F Super Cobra reworked

- implemented new rocket model for Comanche Anti Air sidewinders

- added shell casing effects for almost every ground based vehicle and helicopters

- added new boat "CB90" in two versions (1) armed with Waterbombs and MG (2) armed with Anti Air Rockets

- added new civil aircraft Cessna Skymaster

- chinook rotors now rotate in the correct direction and at the same speed

- fixed a glitch in the model of a wooden barn


- fixed a bug with misplaced objects on map 'CounTainer'

- fixed an issue with deathmatch spawnpoints on map Kamchatka

- added new map: CounTainer_2

- added new map: Vassholmen

- added spawn vehicle Snowmobile to maps: First Strike, Aspenovich, Death City

- replaced spawning transport aircraft on map Countryside by civil aircraft Cessna Skymaster

- adjusted position of the initial spectator camera on map Countryside

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