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Uaktualnienie (patch) do gry Darkest Hour z gatunku Gry Strategiczne, wersja v.1.01, data publikacji 9 maja 2011.

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wersja: v.1.01

Patch do gry Darkest Hour. Poniżej anglojęzyczny opis aktualizacji:


#EXE changes:


* Tweaked Nuke AI targeting:

- nukestriketolerance now is used as the starting value in Nuke evaluation – the higher it is, the more often the AI will use nukes. It is recommended to set this a bit under 0.0 to order the AI to nuke bigger enemy Core provinces. Good values in most cases are about -50 to -20

- nukestrikedesirability is used as a multiplier on the final value if it is > 0.0. A good value seems to be about 50.0. If set to 0.0 or less the AI will not use nukes at all.

* Damage to infrastructure taken by nukes uses 0.1 steps to allow rebuilding back to 100% infra.

* Fixed Remaining infra after nuking cannot be less than 1 step (0.1 or 10%) to avoid AI problems.

* Allowed IC in provinces to be reduced to 0 from nukes (was limited to 0.1 IC before)

* Fixed a problem with saving of damaged IC - sometimes it could be wrongly restored upon reload

* Fixed a bug with <strength> command not being applied to units in the redeployment pool that haven’t been deployed to the map yet.

* Tweaked Light Levels on provinces in Diplomatic Map mode (in general all were too dark).

* Fixed bugs with events and decisions availability on change of TAG

* Fixed occasional CTD problems after change of TAG

* Fixed missing leaders on multiple change of TAG commands in the same game session.

* Fixed CTD on game load with extra logs (settings.cfg) enabled. Only if there are naval brigades in the redeployment pool of a country.

* Changed the hard-coded minimal MP cost for units from 0.1 to 0.001 MP.

* Code optimizations for the generic events

* Set policy slider to 0 on country creation for locked sliders (every policy_effects.csv - MANUAL_OR_ BY_INFLUENCE _MOVES)

* Puppeting/Coups/GoI cannot change locked sliders (every policy_effects.csv - MANUAL_OR_ BY_INFLUENCE _MOVES) anymore

* Fixed a bug with selectable game maps preventing read of tiles.bmp form Map_X located in MODDIR if there is no such file in default Map_X folder.

* Made upgrade to model and type moddable for every brigade/unit:

- Upgrade type and model can be specified in brigade/division files. For example to upgrade LArm-2 to ARM-2 add armor = 2 into the model = { } entry for L-Arm-2 in light_armor.txt

- This is optional and can be skipped. By default every unit/brigade is upgradeable to the next model of the same type with 2 exceptions:

1. LArm-2 by default upgrades to ARM-2

2. All ships by default do not upgrade

- It is possible to specify upgrade to a model of the same type also. For example, INT-4 can be set to upgrade to INT-7 directly and skip the two rocket interceptor models in interceptor.txt, simply by adding interceptor = 7

- It is also possible to forbid a specific model to be upgraded at all. To do that set its upgrade model to -2. For example, INT-6 could be set as non-upgradeable even if there is an INT-7 model by adding interceptor = -2

* Fixed a bug with upgrade time and cost of brigades (current model modifiers were used instead of the modifiers for the next model).

* “Do not upgrade” button for naval units set to be available only if there is at least one brigaded ship in the fleet or at least one ship that can be upgraded.

* Updated Statistic page to show upgrade progress on Stat. pages for naval units too.

* Added new optional division/brigades models parameter: upgrade_time_boost = yes/no. When it is set to yes (default value) upgrade time for models 2 or more levels obsolete will be reduced (as in vanilla). When set to NO there will be no upgrade time reduction for older models.

* Changed default values of upgrade_time_factor and upgrade_cost_factor from 0.0 to 1.0.

* Fixed CTD bug on remove_division command if this division is in the build queue.

* Fixed CTD bug on remove_division command if this division is currently selected by the player.

* Fixed a bug with the availability of some missions (like Amphibious assault) against rebels when the country is not at war with anyone.

* Fixed a bug with the optional (misc.txt, ai section) conquer province rules (AI masters can be set to get all provinces conquered by AI puppets) preventing AI puppets from occupying provinces when the AI master is not at war with the 3rd country.

* Fixed an AI bug with transport fleets wandering in and out of port at random.

* Fixed CTD on strenght command wrongly applied to brigades in (re)deployment pool

* Fixed CTD on delete via event command of division currently into the redeployment pool of another country

* Added new option to events: [all = yes/no (default)]. When such event is triggered by command it will be executed for all countries in TAG = { } list or to all countries in the world when no TAG = { } list is specified.

* Triggered by a command event with TAG = { } list will not be executed for the current sountry if it is not into the TAG list (and no [all = yes] option set).

* Fixed a bug with occasional deleteted land units in MP cooperative games during unit split from the second country (hourly, noticed on higher game speeds).

* Fixed a bug with invasion AI ordering and canceling amphibious attacks at the same game hour.

* Fixed display flickering on multiplayer game start.

* Fixed non-allied AI puppets and masters to not spy on each other anymore.

* Fixed a bug with serial production lines upgrade to another unit/brigade type.

* Fixed a bug with serial production lines upgrade of unattached brigades.

* Increased tech tool-tip buffer to fix CTDs in RDD mod

* Increased intel/diplo information for a country treaties buffer to avoid CTDs when there are too many entries (IC mod).

* Fixed a bug with supply convoys set from masters to puppets.

* Fixed no music in Vanilla bug.

* Fixed a bug with lost attachments bonuses on sold ships.

* Fixed bugs with transfer of controlled enemy provinces to allies that have cores/claims on those.

* Fixed a CTD on update of AI war targets list.

* Disbanded items in production queue added by scenario files (without "manpower = ..." entry) return MP to MP pool now.

* Fixed a bug with supply convoys not sending fuel in some cases.

* Fixed a bug with supply convoys sending too much supplies in some cases.

* Tweaked secede provinces to alies AI.

* Added new optional revolt.txt parameter defining list of countries that are not allowed to release the country. no = { TAG1 TAG2 … TAGx }

* Expanded alliance_leader command to work with current alliance too




* Launcher now compares the latest version number to the current version number to see if it's higher before enabling update button

* Launcher allows for hiding languages from the list

* Disabled Portuguese and Swedish languages from Launcher as the game is not fully translated to those languages.

* Improved handling of situation of no supported resolutions and corrected problems with maximum available resolution too low


#Map changes:


* removed/added dozens of river connections

* removed over two dozen unwanted "edge" connections

* fixed missing national borderline in Africa

* moved a few US provinces into the correct Areas

* seazone areas tweaked for better ai behavior - air missions

* fixed climate in a bunch of provinces

* minor namefix in Rhodesia (thanks to jpoc)

* tweaked mp of rhodesia to take higher volunteer ratings into account.

* moved cape town harbor icon to the actual capetown location

* added Naval base level 3 in Pretoria

* added Puerto Belgrano naval base

* moved Luban airport, had the Lublin position

* some other map icons repositioned

* Australian infrastructure templates completed. Values set in 'province.csv'

* Central and West Africa infrastructure templates completed. Values set in 'province.csv'

* Central Asia infrastructure templates completed. Values set in 'province.csv'

* corrected some mistakes in the western Sahara infrastructure.

* blocked connections into provinces without appropriate transportation infrastructure

* fixed wrong army coords

* fixed wrong look at coords for some navalprovinces

* Maui and Kauai are now reachable

* activated a missing harbor in SAF

* removed unused seazone continent entries

* area fixes

* Completed the rest of canada infrastructure templates

* Maui and Kauai now reachable from sea


* Gave France 2 more VPs in Metropolitan France (Brest and Lille).

* Gave Germany 2 more VPs (Danzig, Dresden)

* Gave Italy 1 more VP in Northern Italy (Genoa)

* Gave UK 2 more VPs (Hong Kong and Colombo)

* Gave 2 more to USSR, in Tashkent and Sverdlovsk

* Moved Australia's VP in Collie to Perth

* Gave Chile’s 2 VPs (Santiago, Valparaiso).

* Gave Colombia a second VP at Barranquilla.

* Gave Denmark 2 VPs (Copenhagen, Arhus)

* Gave Indochina 1 more VP (Hanoi)

* Gave Iran 1 more VP (Gameroon)

* Gave Iraq 1 more VP (Basrah)

* Gave Ireland 2 VPs (Dublin and Cork)

* Moved Japan's VP in Ponape to Truk

* Gave Japan 1 more VP in Port Arthur

* Gave Netherlands 1 more VP in Hollandia

* Gave New Zealand 1 more VP in Christchurch

* Gave Portugal 1 more VP in Porto

* Gave Saudi Arabia 1 more VP in Riyadh

* Gave South Africa 1 more VP in Johannesburg

* Gave Syria 1 more VP in Damascus

* Gave Thailand 1 more VP in Nakhan Sawan

* fixed VP that was supposed to be at Guantanamo.

* added 1 VP in Verdun (100)

* removed 1 VP from Brazzaville (907)


#Graphic changes:


* removed unused skin files

* fixed flag of Slovakia

* fixed flag of Serbia

* removed duplicated flags,shields,icons,counters from Full

* Deleted wrongly named and duplicated flags,shields,icons,counters form Core

* added SPA_14 flag icon and counter

* added Senussi (LBY) counter

* fixed flag name which caused a CTD when selecting Lybia in 1914 Scenario

* fixed Kashmir counter

* added DH-Style flags for all nations

* fliped all flags, to proper vertical display

* merged full flags with Core.

* replaced obsolete AT Icon with an Medium Tank Icon

* replaced obsolete SPR-Art Icon with an SP-AA Icon

* added ProtestAlexanderetta event picture

* added ENG naval model pics

* added swedish naval div pics

* added italian naval div pics

* added JAP naval division pics

* added GER/U08 naval division pics

* added generic division naval pics

* added ENG naval model pics

* added USA naval model pics

* added GER/U08 air modles pics

* added transparent news headers to Core

* removed all news_header files (except for U08 and U09) from FULL as those are now in Core

* removed paper backgrounds from DH Light as those look weird with normal events (and pictures) used in Light

* Deleted plate_decision.bmp from DH Light as it is a duplicate of Core

* Deleted plate_decision.bmp from DH Full as it is a duplicate of Core

* updated default decision plate (Core)

* fixed cursor

* added new leader/minister/tt pics (486 so far)

* tweaked interface

* FIxed the Rhodesia & Nyasaland flag doesn't match the shield.


#Translation changes:


* fixed German translation of swedish naval classes

* added missing Italian translation

* added missing German translation

* added missing Spanish translation

* added missing French translation

* added missing Polish translation


#General DB changes:



* removed unnecessary comments

* fixed format of events

* moved textstrings to proper files

DB changes:

* reduced min strength for airsuperiority mission

* activated range penalty for fleets bigger than 33 units to prevent superstacks

* reset force StrategicRedeployment parameter to 2 months

* increased groundcombat STR damage by 20%

* removed MP growth modifiers from Hawk/Dove lobby policy slider

* slight increase in economy hit while mobilised

* Implemented corrections to mobilization policy slider (mp gain during war mostly)

* fixed central planing gc effect

* added 2 teams to ARG and CZE

* reset many enddates to 1925

* removed duplicated minister in ministers_rom.csv

* fixed some columns in Swedish naval classes

* initial commit of Dutch ship classes

* Italian naval model updates

* adjusted USN ship classes

* adjusted JAP naval models

* Slightly decreased land/coastal base prod time

* reduced cost for all infantry types slightly

* removed all brigades from Paratroopers

* reduced mp cost of aircavalry brigade

* Fixed airattack stat on model 7-8 (was 3, set to 4 as model 6)

* Adjusted interval between 2 spying missions

* medium tank brigades allowed for divisions that use other tank brigades

* added medium tank brigade to MOT removed it from marines

* reduced build time of basic landunits by 10%

* increased build time and cost of aircrafts to be more in line with other units

* cloned unitnames/pics for ger/fra twin nation

* reordering JAP BB names, so that Yamato, Musashi, and Shinano aren't the next names to be used in the 1914 scen

* Updated airdoctrine researchers who had "aircraft_testing", replaced with training

* doubled Militia mp cost

* Transports are now faster, stronger, better

* major changes/increases to naval ranges

* Slightly increased STR range

* Implement "Kaiser Franz"'s china leaders pack (1914 scenario)


* naval_tech.txt file clean up:

* removed unnecessary comments and commented-out obsolete techs

* better formatting here and there

* moved naval_torpedoes_s model 2 to model 1 (was dummy model before)

* made naval_torpedoes_s model 0 not upgradeable

* removed redundant models from naval torpedo file

* removed gaps in bb and interceptor ids

* 1940 LArm upgrade now to 1939 Basic Medium Armored Division

* tweaked req. tech id for strategic bombing 1951 tech.

* fixed bug in nuke submarine tech

* 1917 Super heavy armor bg. now upgrade to 1917 Heavy Armor bg. which in turn upgrades to the 1924 Medium armor bg.

* fixed wrong hq upgrade path in some doctrines

* DD-0s and CVE-0s will now become obsolete

* Slightly decreased land/coastal base prod time

* Tweaked land/coastal forts prod bonuses (increased)

* Replaced aircraft_testing with training

* "Nuclear Profileration" is now researchable

* It's now possible to build light Armor earlier

* Decryption devices techs are now dependent of each other

* fixed CAG models and techs

* 1918 AA Brigade needs 1917 Static AA

* 1940 Rocket Art tech needs 1940 Field Artillery tech

* Further minor fixes regarding requirements and turning models obsolete

* Updating Naval Logistics bonuses to ranges

* Nuclear Submarine Secret tech event requires now Submarine tech

* Rocket Assembly Line tech requires now 7580 "Flying Bomb Development"


* fixed Rhodesian capital ID (thanks to jpoc for catching this)

* fixed CHL provinces

* fixed MEN cores

* German player can now only release release RKs

* Added limitations to Occupationzone release

Scenario files:

* added Italian claims on Eritrea, Somalia, Abyssinia, Italian East Africa and French and British Somaliland

* added two claims to Austria in 1936

* added "flag_ext" for Senussi (LBY) so it uses the correct flag/shield in 1914 Scenario now

* fixes to Holland's Naval OOB

* 1914: nerfed Interceptors to model 0 in all OOB - No country fielded armed fighters units august 1914

* updating USA's OOB, old 1800s-era DDs in favor or newer models, nothing older than WWI-era.

* Set most USA DD to level 3 ('16). The USN didn't build any interwar destroyers at all

* japan oob bumping the kongos up one model level, to the '34 BC

* Reorganized Japanese Navy. It's now a balance of historically accurate and functional in terms of gameplay.

* updating all major '36 navies to interwar transports. Some smaller countries are left with pre-WWI era TPs.

* updated oob par, pru, uru, col, chl, bol

* updated argentine oob

* updated iraqi oob to ~1937-1938 values

* updated afghan oob to historic (1937) values

* German OOB tweaks, divisions formed in 1936/37 are now in the buildqueue

* updated Greek Navy OOB for 1914

* New SOV 36 OOB

* Gave floatplane attachments to some appropriate ships in the RN

* Updates to GER's naval models and OOB

* Trimmed NZ starting land OOB heavily

* Naval OOB for 1914GC fixess Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden

* added Hatay State

* removed Fengtiang

* removed a few ITA coastal forts

* added one level of BC tech to Germany

* added Bomb dropping doctrine to select majors - Bomb doctrines where further ahead, than armed fighter units

* added hospital techs known by some medium-weight nations in 1936

* added logistic techs to fix the "StrategicRedeployment bug"

* added the two SW tank techs to all nations

* replaced the light infantry techs with normal infantry techs for minors as those tech no longer enable militia units

* restored missing techs in

* added US reserve formations

* fixed Italy militia division in 1936

* Tweaked SU starting dissent

* Tweaked Italy war/peacetime modifiers

* fixed peacetime GER IC mod

* Royal Navy still had pre WWI DD-0s in 1936 campaign, replaced with DD-4s

* FRA, UK, USA now also start with strat redeploy tech in 1914

* Adjusted German infantry model = 5 to 6, model = 6 to 7

* tweaks to balticstates by Gytis Urbanavicius, relations and oob improvements

* removed some supply techs from minors

* Weakened YUG36 and BEL14 to help GER AI

* Italy: added 91 (Chambery) to national provinces, moved 378 (Kalymnos) and 379 (Rodos) from national provinces to claimed provinces

Minister files:

* moved the startdate of at least one minister per cabinet position to 1936 so all nations have starting ministers. (for minors)

* fixed minister personalities U03

* fixed a typo in GER ministers file

* Tweaked Stalin's traits (20% build time bonus for INF)

* slightly tweaked OTT ministers

* added chinese leaders for 1914 scenario

Text fixes:

* removed all post 1914 text from Spains 1914 scenario desc

* fixed wrong short tech name for 1945 strat. bomb.

* fixed some diacritic’s in Danish files

* fixed typos in the country.csv files left from Armageddon.

* Changed some tech names

* SP AA short name corrected

* added some French air unit model names

* changed strings that say "nuclear sub" to "heavy sub"

* changed Human wave name to people's army doctrine.

* replaced SS with SUB

* Carrier Aircraft Group replaced with AA in the carrier techs

* fixed some old typos carried over from armageddon

* added a few local tank variations: 2 pol 1 ast

* added a lot of fixes to airmodelnames

* Added missing Production and Construction tech components names

* Added all Medicine tech components names

* Fixed 1914 scenario Persia name string

* Minor improvements to Latvian armynames and unitnames


# Modding Documentation:


* updated Guide to Darkest Hour

* added DH Province List

* added Quickstart Guide

* Small update to Invasion AI - How To.txt

* Small update to DH - Map Editing - Tutorial.rtf

* added photoshop action to flip shields

* added Guillaume's ID Map

* updated Darkest Hour Development Diaries Archive


#Event changes:


Darkest Hour light - enabled generic Decisions


* removed relative_manpower command from The UK gears up for war event as it is obsolete

* minor fix to Japanese surrender in china

* changes ai_chance of both actions of event 2007031 (Enemy at the Gate) so that both actions now have 50% chance instead of 100% vs 0% as before;

* removed useless decision option from AUS-HUN event

* Heavily adjusted Pearl Harbor event. removed all uses of remove_unit in favor of additional remove_division commands.

* flipped/fixed land_percentage triggers in some events that were using it wrong

* fix of Event 2049037 (US 1944 Presidential election) which had the wrong triggers

* deactivated war propaganda when the nation already employs extended mobilisation

* added Hatay State events

* fixed faulty trigger in ai_mobi

* added an extra trigger to prevent this weird case: Because the Vanilla HOI2 Pearl Harbor event for Japan has them declare war on the USA, UK, and Netherlands, this could lead to a war between Japan and Germany.

* fixed old events that created outdated unittypes

* added new trigger for Russian revolution (579)

* complete rewrite of the mobilization decision to make the system more userfriendly

* complete rewrite of the soviet move of industry events.

* Fixed trigger of effect of Mol-Ribb pact

* Better trigger for Danzig or War

* Easier and more readable trigger for Anschluss decision

* puppets now don't demobilise when at war

* AH now has grand offensive decision available

* Russia, Serbia and Montenegro now historically join the Entente

* fixed us specific mobilisation events

* Reduced chances for purges to happen in 1936

* 1914 lost events no longer trigger several times

* Bulgaria no longer peace out by event

* scw events no longer give modern tanks

* Case Yellow and Operation Barbarossa no longer vanishes when polish general goverment exists

* modified event 2007025 (The Great Purge) to remove 86 randomly killed leaders (now 30 randomly killed leaders + 150 historical leaders = 180 killed leaders)

* complete review of UK Surrender and Empire Falls Apart chains + minor fixes

* Slightly easier France surrender (lost national province from 40 to 35)

* fixed Free France creation

* modified event 2006513 so that Italy gives military access to FRA/ENG when defeated and modified event 2006514 so that Italy grants military access to U08/U09 when defeated

* turned German control of Finnish army into decision

* corrected trigger of event Danzig Incident

* Added Danzig Incident decision

* Corrected bug in Austria surrender chain + military access given to Entente

* Fixed Allied diplo offensive

* Corrected events 2002530 and 2002531 so that Italy gains provinces from France when allied with CP normally (and not only when allied with CP by event)

* Made "issue currency" triggers easier to get

* Tweaked swiss mobilization events to only spawn militia in friendly provinces


#Optimisation - no actual change in function:


* optimised minorshutinvasion event file, using TAG = {} only one event is necessary

* offset increased from 1 to 3

* added TAG = {} limitations to equipment decisions

* Minor tweak, added TAG = {} to all generic decisions, to exclude nations that are not used like the UXX fantasy nations, and also exclude HAI, DOM, LUX, and DANZIG/HAYAT STATE/Principality Pindus

* added TAG = {} to generic 1914 events

* ai_mobi optimization:

replaced multiple set flag events with 2 REB-tag events to set flag for war in SA and EU

replaced Continent trigger in generic events with TAG = {} lists

  • data aktualizacji: 9 maja 2011
  • kategoria gry: Strategiczne
  • rozmiar pliku: 99,8 MB

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