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nazwa pliku:T-72: Bałkany w Ogniu addon mission/map pak #2

rozmiar pliku:367,7 KB

data publikacji:29 grudnia 2005

kategoria pliku:addon

T-72: Bałkany w Ogniu
addon mission/map pak #2

Zestaw map i misji do gry T-72 Balkans on Fire. Opis instalacji i dokładna zawartoœc w j.angielskim:

This pack includes 15 missions allowing you to play the original campaign battles commanding a T-55A tank (instead of the T-72B), plus two new Target Practice Range missions in a T-34/85 and T-55A. All Mission files are accessed via the "User Mission" option from the main menu. These files do not overwrite any original files. These new missions are for the full game only, they do not work with the demo.


Download and launch the file. When asked location to extract the files, select your T-72 Game folder (by default, the demo was installed to C:\Program Files\Battlefront\T-72 Balkans on Fire! Demo).

To Play:

To play the new missions or maps, start the game, select User Missions from the main menu page. From the list, select one of the seventeen new mission files: level01 t55.ca, level07 t55.ca, T34 Target_Prac.ca etc...

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